Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This Should Be Interesting

I see where the NHL and the players union are getting together this week to continue bargaining talks. Or maybe better re-start bargaining talks. Since the two sides are meeting at an undisclosed location, there may not be a lot of information available about how things are going. But, you can bet there will be a lot of tension in that room. be a fly on the wall.

I'm guessing the owners...having just cancelled an entire season...will be playing hard ball. I would also expect the players to "hold the line" against any sort of salary cap since that's been their "sticking point" all along. There's no real time pressure for the players. The only time pressure is for the owners to get a deal done....if possible...with the "real players" in time to mount some kind of marketing campaign prior to the fall when they say they will play one way or the other.

I would think if there ever was any danger of an all out "bar fight" between these two sides, it would be at this week's meeting. Maybe not a bar fight....but a "bench clearing brawl". Maybe that's what these guys need, to take the gloves off, have Bettman and Goodenow duke it out along with all of the other "lawyer types" who have screwed this thing up. Maybe the air would clear a little and they could get down to real business.

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