Monday, June 06, 2005

Back in the Saddle

Strange how something that is so second nature, can also seem so foreign.

Sunday, I produced and hosted the first ever Grizzlies This Week radio show on 1380AM ESPN. (It will be heard at 10am every Sunday during the Grizzlies season) I have been around radio stations and the production of programming for 30+ years, so I didn't think putting this show together, and performing it, would be any big deal. Wrong!

Oh, studio facilities are about the same wherever you go. The technology in producing a radio program has changed over the years, but I've kept up with most of it. However, being in a somewhat strange environment, coordinating the show with a board op (the guy who runs the equipment for you in the studio) that I had never met until 20 minutes before going on the air, made the experience a little "perspiration inducing", to say the least. And, of course, doing just about anything for the first time puts enough doubt in your mind about whether all the bases have been covered to put you on edge too.

So, the result was a show that I was very close to being happy with...but not quite. Most of the guests were very good. Joe Pott, the Grizzlies broadcaster, is a pro. He easily articulated his thoughts and was an excellent contributor. Joe also helped immensely by providing game highlights to use on the show. Frontier League commissioner Bill Lee is very broadcast-savvy too and was a great guest. He was particularly poignant in describing the anguish of doling out a suspension to Grizzlies manager Danny Cox. (Danny made contact with an umpire during an argument in a recent game). Grizzlies GM Tony Funderburg gave us a great behind-the-scenes look at his day-to-day activities and management philosophy in running the "model franchise" of the league. Corey Stephens, Grizzlies Promotions Director, was her usual vivacious self in talking about upcoming promotions and giveaways.

The only major "boo-boo" of the show came when we couldn't make connections, for some unknown reason, with Grizzlies manager, and former Cardinal pitcher, Danny Cox. We thought everything was in order there....but no Danny on the other end of his cell phone. Just one of those things, I guess.

There were a few little technical issues that need to be cleaned up for future shows. But, that will be no problem. I hope baseball fans, and Grizzlies fans in particular, make it a habit to give us a listen Sunday mornings this summer. Now that the "jitters" are out of the way, it should be a great addition to any local baseball fan's schedule.

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