Thursday, October 20, 2005

How Appropriate

--The Cardinals lose to the Astros and their season ends.
--The last game is played in Busch Stadium.
--It's rainy, cool and generally dreary today in St. Louis.

I was at Busch for the first baseball game in 1966.
I was at Busch for at least one game of each of the World Series' the Cardinals played there.
I was at Busch for the last Cardinal football game played there.
I broadcast high school football games there..
I did the p.a. announcing for one baseball game...(USA vs. Japan Olympic teams in 1992...I think)
I couldn't be at Busch for the last baseball game due to my duty at Blues hockey last night...but I was pretty close. (My last game was game one of the San Diego NLDS. Reggie Sanders grand slam. Cards win 7-5)

The old stadium being knocked down will be almost as emotional for me as the day I watched them blow up the old Arena. At least they'll do this one little by little and not all at once like the "Old Barn".

Isn't it strange how concrete, metal and various other building materials take on a personality when they are configured into a sports venue. They absorb and hold as many memories as we can muster just like a photo album. Then when the building goes away, we lose the context for those memories. Of course, the memories are still there...but a little more difficult to put in their place.

Good Bye old friend. We'll miss you.

It's a dreary day in St. Louis.

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