Friday, June 09, 2006

Is Albert Clean?

-That's the question we've all had in the back of our minds, right? Well, now that this Jason Grimsley episode is about to explode like the A-bomb at Hiroshima, we will either get answers to all our questions, or everybody in baseball will be under greater suspicion and scrutiny.

There is already speculation about Albert's involvement with personal trainer Chris Milhlfield after Mihlfield's name was linked to the affadavit supposedly signed by Grimsley after he was nailed by the feds. So far, all of those named in Grimsley's affadavit have been protected by having their names redacted in the document. But, you can bet that just about anybody who could possibly be tainted, has already connected the dots and has figured out who is about to be "outed".

Baseball's reputation is going to be trashed in the next few months. I think we can count on that. There seems to be very little doubt that once the guilty parties are named, that all of the rats will do their best to leave the sinking ship. Or make an argument that they were never on it. If Commissioner Bud Selig has any brains and/or guts, he will step in and order the players to submit to random blood tests...and then stand back and let the players union try to say why they shouldn't. The game is being played by superstars who might have above average good players who might have average abilities...average players...etc. etc. ...and hangers-on who maybe shouldn't have been in the big leagues in the first place. How is the average guy supposed to know what he's seeing on the field?

I feel for the poor guys who decided early to stay clean...and as a result...maybe never made it to the show. Some guy selling insurance in Wichita may be every bit as talented as the guy with 20 homers on the roster of the Rangers. He just decided to live his life fairly and honestly. So, what's his reward? Getting to watch the guys who cheated.

It's quite possible, and, as a Cardinals fan, I hope it's true, that Albert Pujols is clean as a hound's tooth. But, until baseball--the institution--forces everybody that plays its game to prove their innocence, he will be a suspect just like Bonds, McGwire, Canseco and the bunch. That's why I was so flabbergasted when Albert chose to come to the comfort of Bonds recently. Why make it any worse for yourself than it is? Stand up for the game, stand up for the good guys, don't stand up for the likes of Bonds and those who have helped destroy it.

Whoever is to blame--management, the cheaters, those who helped the cheaters, or all of the above--a thorough house-cleaning seems to be getting closer every day. Thanks to a journeyman pitcher who got caught.

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