Monday, July 03, 2006

Mid-Year Thoughts

-I will be vacationing until Thursday 7/13...New material will appear after that.
-So far, the "New Blues" have decided to go with key players from last year's management and on-ice team. Pleau, Kitchen, Weight, Drake etc. New additions Jay McKee and Dan Hinote won't create much excitement. Brendan Shanahan might. Could John Davidson coax Brett Hull out of retirement until they retire his jersey? Not likely. But, it's a thought.

-What will the Cardinals do to stablize their listing ship? Could they win the Torii Hunter sweepstakes? If there is a Torii Hunter sweepstakes. The Twins might not let him loose now that they're playing better. Would they deal for a John Smoltz? How about bringing back fan favorite Reggie Sanders and admitting that not signing him after last season was a mistake.

-A man was killed by a bunch of gang thugs in East St. Louis last week because he was wearing his cap in a manner judged to be disrespectful to the Crips. Shouldn't that be considered a hate crime even though all involved were of the same race?

-So they've scrubbed launching the Space Shuttle for two days because of the weather costing NASA a couple of million dollars in overtime pay. Remind me. Weren't we supposed to be able to fly into space with souped-up airplanes by now? Seems like the shuttle thing has worn out its welcome.

-Name me three players who played on the U.S. World Cup team.

-Have you had one of the Krispy-Kreme cheeseburgers...officially known as Baseball's Best a Grizzlies game yet? Only two more months in the season.

-So just about all of the guys who were serious competition for Lance Armstrong in bicycle racing were kicked out of this year's Tour de France for blood doping. Was Lance the only one who wasn't cheating? If so, it makes his accomplishments all the more impressive.

-An asteroid big enough to change life on our planet zoomed by the Earth today in what astronomers called a "near miss". Did you feel the breeze? One astronomer said that had it made impact it could have wiped out a small country. He also said..."At least we knew about this one. We should be more worried about the ones we don't know about." Very encouraging.

-Legendary sports columnist Frank Deford has started campaigning to limit the number of times the national anthem is played. His contention is that it becomes a meaningless, and sometimes disrespectful presentation, when it's played and sung before practically every sporting event. He says presenting the anthem should be reserved for Independence Day..Memorial Day...Flag Day...Veterans Day...etc. Having heard many botched-up and totally amateurish anthems in my day... I tend to agree with Deford. We would probably get more out of the anthem...if it were presented on special occasions for which we could plan professionally-presented, and therefore special presentations.

-You haven't seen me write anything for several weeks about my American Idol favorite Chris Daughtry. In fact, you haven't seen anybody write anything about him. I'm hoping he's got his publicity machine ready to operate after the American Idols Summer Tour. Otherwise, he might fall off the radar like so many other AI runners-up. You couldn't picture him doing those Ford commercials and all of the other stuff Taylor Hicks is doing right now...could you?

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