Monday, February 26, 2007

No more Tkaaaaaaa-chuuuuuuuk

Well, we knew it was likely…. If not inevitable.

As much as I have enjoyed the Keith Tkachuk era of Blues hockey, I am really excited about the package that John Davidson and Larry Pleau have received in return from Atlanta. How could you expect to get more than a first and third-round pick this year, a second rounder next year, and a decent roster player (Glenn Metropolit)? Then, if Walt decides to re-sign in Atlanta… something I think is unlikely…but, if he does, the Blues get another first-round pick next year. Wow...Wow…Wow!!

That’s an enormous package for the future..even though the “experts” say this won’t be a really great year for players in the draft. There’s always the opportunity to package multiple picks to trade for other players or higher picks. Let’s understand that Mr. Tkachuk is still a very good player. But at one time he was considered one of the top ten, or so, players in the league. I think even he would admit that he’s not quite in that category any more. So, for the Blues to turn him into that sort of package in return…is an amazing feat in my book.

Now, by the time you read this it may be a moot point, but if the Blues can get a similar package (and why wouldn’t you expect that) in return for Bill Guerin, it would really set things up for the future of the team. The youth movement wouldn’t take full effect for a few years, but it should set Blues Nation to salivating about the possibilities, and get a lot of buzz going about hockey in our town. But, I think it's also likely that the team might be more inclined to keep Billy around for his ticket-selling ability.

As for myself, I will have to come up with a new “signature call” for one of the players at the games. Keith Tkaaaaaa-chuuuuuk was so much fun to do. And, maybe, I’ll get to do it again if he re-signs with The Note this summer. But, until then I might have to work on… Leeeeeeee Stemp..neeeeeeee-aaaaaaak. Or David…Baaaaaaaaaaa-ckesss. But it’s not so much the enthusiasm that I use in making the announcement. It’s the name itself. Tkachuk is just a great name for a p-a announcer. It’s almost like Ka-ching…and the first just so easy to have fun with. I always growled it out…and held it out…and then came in behind it with the powerful “chuck”. Just the perfect name for a pro athlete. Not many other names lend themselves to that kind of enthusiastic pronunciation.

As good as they are, Dallas Drake, Doug Weight, Bill Guerin and several others don’t have names that give you much of a chance to “play up” the announcement. On the other hand, I might try to have a little more fun with Eric Brewer, Manny Legace, Bryce Salvador, and some others that offer a little more fodder for fun.

I’ll miss "Walt". I remember when he came to the team in the deal with Phoenix several years back, I asked him before his first game if he minded if I had some fun with the announcement of his name. He encouraged me to do whatever I felt would work. He’s a great guy, and I’ll certainly miss having fun with his goal announcements. But the team will be much…much…better in the long run for this trade. And, hopefully, he’ll be on the same track that Weight was last year. Success in the playoffs…and return to wear The Note once again, afterwards.

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