Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lucid? You decide.

I haven’t done a stream-of-consciousness post for a while. Let’s give it a whirl.

-Well, all of that concentration on what to name the new NHL team in Kansas City will apparently have to be put on hold. Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania leaders have stepped up and the Penguins will be staying. Rumor has it that Nashville, Florida, Atlanta and Tampa Bay are all more than mildly interested in the KC situation.

-I wish I was more confident about SIU’s chances in the NCAA tourney. I have them going to the Elite 8. But I think that's out of wishful thinking more than anything. I’m still wondering when Randal Falker will be the player he was in the regular season after a disastrous MVC tournament performance. They need him to dominate to go deep in the bracket.

-An Illinois, SIU match-up this weekend would be sweet…but I think it’s unlikely. Virginia Tech is too good for the Illini.

-Recently attended a meeting at which Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert and Police Chief Bill Clay both spoke. Eckert continues his energetic leadership of the city…and it’s easy to see why he wanted Clay to run the department…very impressive.

-The Blues are pointed in the right direction. No doubt about it. Young stars are beginning to become obvious. Now we all have to support the team and, at the same time, be patient while the youth movement takes hold.

-It was fun seeing a full house at Scottrade again. 19-thousand plus for the Montreal Canadiens last Saturday.

-I read an interesting op-ed piece the other day…can’t even remember who wrote it…but it struck a nerve nonetheless. The gist…we in the baby-boom generation have only a short time left to make a significant mark on the world in which we live. The leading edge of the boom is now in its sixties and will only be in a position to wield influence (political, monetary, etc.) for so much longer. What have we done to improve the world? What can we still do? As young people we promised the world we’d be different, and better. The clock is ticking.

-I still haven’t had the opportunity to meet Andy Murray. But I couldn’t be more impressed with the job he has done. I intend to introduce myself soon and hope some of what he brings to the Blues rubs off.

-I wonder how close O.J. is to catching the “real killer”.

-Is it me? Or is there something to the weather being more severe lately? Seems like when there’s a storm system these days …it’s really a dandy. Is Al Gore onto something besides doughnuts?

-My favorite movie of the last month-- Little Miss Sunshine. Finally rented it.

-I am one of the many who is not nearly as interested in American Idol as I was last season. Not sure why. But the lack of overall talent this season is obvious. I was either glued to the TV or recorded every episode last year. This year…not so much. I can’t even name more than two of the finalists. Maybe I’m getting my life back.

Speaking of Idol… last year’s “shoulda won guy”…Chris Daughtry is doing OK isn’t he?

The Cardinals should be at least as good as they were last season…and will be much better if their starting pitching holds up. Obviously, it’s doing fine in spring training. What seemed like a strength…relief pitching…is struggling though. I’d like to see Izzy pitch well for a month or two before we declare him back to “dominant closer” status.

I see the St. Louis Zoo has had to deal with an issue that Barb and I are starting to discuss. “When do you put down a beloved animal?” The zoo euthanized Clara, the matriarch of it’s Asian elephant heard today because her arthritis had become too much for her. Our beloved Springer Spaniel Fergie is beginning to decline rapidly. Accidents in the house, arthritic hips, deaf, vision , are all beginning to cause us worry. It’s so hard to know when the time is right.

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