Saturday, April 28, 2007


-The title comes from my lack of patience for misspellings. Everywhere one goes these days you will see poor spelling. And, the worst part seems to be that nobody really cares. You will see it in formal letters, in newspaper articles, and other public displays. And this in the day of spell-check software. Wow. I saw the plural of Silverado...spelled "Silveradoes" a TV ad recently. Come on...are we that pathetic when it comes to teaching kids how to spell these days? Sad.

-Looking forward to seeing Rick Majerus on the sideline of Billiken basketball games. I just hope, considering his health history, that he's not taking on a bear he can't wrestle.

-I really enjoy the NFL Draft...which begins a little over an hour from when I'm writing this. I have a hunch that the Rams might provide a surprise with their first-round pick. Everybody is expecting them to go with a defensive lineman. Some of Coach Linehan's comments recently lead me to believe they might not necessarily go that route.

-Tony LaRussa's blow-up at the post-game press conference Friday night has me scratching my head. He apparently refused to answer questions posed by the reporters from the Post-Dispatch because he objected to an article in Friday's paper that was critical of the Cubs. It seems to me if he had a problem with what was written he could calmly confront the writer instead of making a spectacle of himself in front of TV cameras. He also could have gone to his counterparts with the Cubs and told them that he was sorry for what appeared in his hometown paper. Now, we all have to wonder if he's unravelling in the wake of the team's poor start and his DUI arrest in Florida.

-Speaking of the Cubs, while in Chicago to visit son Stewart last weekend we scored some Cards-Cubs tickets for Sunday's game. What a treat it is to watch a ballgame in a stately, old stadium like Wrigley Field. The weather was perfect. The crowd was full of rivalry energy. Wrigley had that "old ballpark smell"...both good and bad. What a great experience. The new Busch is great too...but in a much different, less authentic, and more sanitized, way.

-I have never been an anti-gun guy. I've also never believed in keeping one around...but that's just me. But the recent spate of hand-gun related crime has me wondering if it isn't time to discuss hand-gun laws similar to those in Great Britain. It just seems that here in America the resolution to all disputes is achieved with a gun. And people practice their marksmanship with video games which doesn't help anything. What happened to good old fist-fights?

-I'll finish up this post with another thing that bugs the stuffing out of me. You see TV ads, and hear radio ads, all over the place that tout union workers. Hire a union plumber...Hire a union painter..etc. Do they bother to hire a union talent to perform their commercial?? Nooooo. I'm not a big suporter of the concept of unions. But, because of some of the voice work I do I am required to belong to AFTRA...the radio/TV actors union. Frequently, the "hire the union guy" ads feature an announcer or spokesman that hasn't paid a penny of union dues in his or her life. I guess those other unions won't mind when I cross one of their picket lines then.

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