Friday, May 25, 2007

Finally Some Time

-Been very busy with business and the start of the Grizzlies new season lately. Not much time for the blog. So, we'll touch a bunch of bases in this post.

-Sorry to read that Josh Hancock's estate, executed by his father, is suing Mike Shannon's Restaurant, the towing company, and the guy who's car broke down, the night of the late player's fatal accident. Sorry, because I happen to think Josh's memory will be destroyed by any court procedings that may result. And sorry because I think pursuing this kind of thing is an example of what's wrong with our legal system in this country. There are so many predatory attorneys out there looking for exposure, and willing to take on pay-if-you-win cases, that people in Mr. Hancock's position are willing to risk a dead son's reputation. When someone in this country has the seeds to fight for legislation that makes those who sue pay court costs if they lose, we won't see nearly as many of these ridiculous suits. I'm actually surprized they're not suing Josh's cell-phone company for tempting him to text while driving. When will people begin taking responsiblity for their own actions? When there are financial consequences that prevent the predator lawyers from getting involved.

-The Grizzlies will be a much better baseball team this year, based on the first two games of the season. The line-up has plenty of punch. The pitching appears to be solid. And the defense looks to be very good as well. GCS Ballpark will be a fun place to be, as always, no matter what the success of the team. But, new manager Phil Warren appears to have assembled a very strong club. Should be fun to watch.

-I'm not counting the Cardinals out yet. The craftiness of Walt Jockety, and the savvy of Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan lead me to believe that they will become more and more competitive as the season goes on. And, when they get a healthy Chris Carpenter and Mark Mulder back for the rotation in a few months. Well, stranger things have happened.

-The Blues are in the process of gearing up for the new season both on and off the ice. The draft happens in a few weeks where they are positioned to make a big splash. They will likely sign a high-profile free-agent. And, off the ice, they are attempting to bring in new marketing executives that will be assigned the task of making the fan experience better and the sales effort stronger. The Dave Checketts regime is gearing up for big things. We might have to give it a year or two for playoff success. But the fan experience, already very strong, will be even better right away.

-American Idol was not nearly as interesting this year, and totally predictable. I will give the producers credit though for not doing background video pieces on all of the contestants as they have in years past. The reason: Jordin Sparks would have been unfairly handicapped and/or benefitted if they had. Sparks, the eventual winner, is the product of a mixed-race marriage. Sadly, there are many out there who would frown on that to the point of denying her votes. At the same time, her dad is Phillipi Sparks the one-time pro football player. She would unduly benefit from many who would vote for her, and him, out of hero worship. They downplayed the heritage of Nikko Smith (Ozzie's kid) a few years back for the same, obvious, reason. It may not always turn out the way we like it, but the producers do try to present a level playing field.

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