Monday, April 07, 2008

Shotgun Thoughts

-Too early to get giddy...but my positive thoughts about the Cardinals are certainly being validated so far.

-The Blues...again, let's be patient. And I expect the team we see in the fall will have more of the flavor that youth brings. And the taste will be delightful.

-Barb and I enjoyed the company of our oldest son Ian this weekend. He was home to be in the wedding party of some high school friends. Now he's headed back to Colorado...where there having another blizzard in ski country. He's a little tired of it by now.

-Up-and-coming acting son Stewart is up for a Best Male Performance in a lead role award at the LA Weekly stage awards tonight in Hollywood. Winning would be nice...but he'll get some much needed exposure to the right people either way.

-Scott Spiezio gets 3 years probation for his recent chemically impaired hit-and-run debacle. It doesn't matter what they give him unless he gets himself straightened out mentally. That's partly the Atlanta Braves problem now.

-I wouldn't have picked Memphis to win the NCAA tournament a few weeks ago. But, I wouldn't bet against them in the final game tonight with Kansas.

-Detroit Tigers--$136M payroll. 0-6 record. Awwwwww.

-Boy, the late night jokesters...Leno-Letterman et al...are painting John McCain as the oldest person to ever hold or seek public office. The guy obviously still has a strong mind...and doesn't need a strong back for that job.

-At this writing the outcome of the NHL draft lottery is a few hours away. How great would it be if the Blues were to move from 4th to 1st and be in line for top pick Steve Stamkos. He's not a Sidney Crosby...but he would still be a great addition to The Note.

-No Country for Old Men took the Oscar for best picture this year. We watched it over the weekend. Well done...but I can't say it's in my top 100.

-We bar-b-cued some ribs for a little family gathering Sunday. If my other work falls apart...I'm opening a rib joint. We've got a secret formula.

-Maybe Troy Glaus will do better on the road. Opening at home seemed to put too much pressure on the new third-sacker.

-Which of the candidates has a plan for oil company extinction? Haven't heard much talk about it even though we're putting 50 bucks or more in the tank every time we fill up.

-I hear Leatherheads is a knuckle-headed film.

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