Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The View from Here

-Please come to the open house and pet adoption event at The Doggie Stylist at Bellson Animal Hospital in Columbia this Saturday. Life-partner Barb is hosting from Noon-4pm. Many available doggies and kitties from the Monroe County Humane Society. You need a pet don't you?

-The Cardinals are coming back to all baseball teams eventually do in a 162-game season. I'm starting to get a bit concerned about Adam Wainwright. We all know he's better than what we've seen. Gotta wonder about his arm health.

-Now that a family has been murdered in Columbia, Illinois, there's nowhere left in the world something like that couldn't happen.

-Ever tried Pritchard's rum, distilled in Kelso, Tennessee? Mighty good if you like rum with your Coke Zero.

-Good to see T.J. Oshie and David Backes making a difference for Team USA at the World Championships in Switzerland....and Chris Mason for Team Canada.

-No question about who was the best on this week's American Idol performance show. Adam Lambert hands down. Will he move on to next week as it should be? As they say, it's up to you America.

-So there's an offer...or is it two?...on the table for the Phoenix Coyotes. One is contingent on the team being moved to southern Ontario. The other would keep them in AZ. The Canadian offer is for much more $...but now there's a bankruptcy court involved and the NHL office...and...well it's going to get messy.

-Great news!! They found the 3-year-old boy who went missing in Madison County, MO. The parents must have been a mess. They have shoes I wouldn't want to have occupied.

-I've watched enough of the Ducks-Redwings series to know that if the Blues do indeed make a deal for former star Chris Pronger, it would be a very good thing.

-Son Stewart is getting a lot of great feedback from the producers and on-set people about his on-camera work for the movie he's shooting. The Eves has another week of shooting. Then editing. Probably early next year before it would hit the theaters.

-George Clooney. 48 years old today...and never been kissed. Yeah...right.

-Just watched an interview with Rick Ankiel on TV. He looks...rightfully so...very happy that he still has the use of his limbs. I haven't seen him so outgoing and "perky"?? before. But sometimes coming that close to tragedy is what it takes to make one realize how lucky they are.

-No matter how you slice it, the USA is the only place on this planet I'd want to call home. Oh we have our problems, but I'll take them because of all the good that comes in the bargain.

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