Friday, December 04, 2009

Multiple Personalities

-Well it's been a while. Let's opine about people in the (sports) news.
-Matt Holliday batting least on this blog. Not expecting he'll be back with the "birds on the bat". T'would be nice...but I'm thinking the DeWitt boys and Mo are too concerned over keeping their first baseman happy to go overboard with Mr. Boras's client. Sign Nady for left...DeRosa for second...let Freese play third...rotate Schumaker in the outfield and/or second base...sign a fourth starter (there are plenty of possibilities) then sign a closer (Valverde?) and call it a team.

-Andy Murray...I like the coach. I'm not sure how his detail-oriented approach plays with the boys in the room...but I would rather have that than someone who is loosey-goosey. The youngsters will eventually get their ice time...probably more as the season goes on. The veterans have likely been operating under the "it's a long season" mentality. As I've pointed out here before, don't get too worried about anything until after Christmas.

-John Davidson...congrats on the Foster Hewitt Award and the HOF. Nobody could be more deserving. It was also nice to see the big guy tear up a little during the pre-game speech to the Blues crowd. Genuine article.

-Steven Jackson...I am ready to take back any bad words I may have written here in the past about him and his behavior. He has been a strong pro in every sense of the word this year...particularly hard to do on such a dismal team. He has approached his role in life with great dignity least from this viewing post.

-Tiger Woods...Well, I guess it just goes to show ya that when you are the world's highest paid athlete, and are away from home a lot, you are going to have temptations coming at you from all directions. But, even so, how in the world does he look at the woman he married and think he can do better elsewhere? By the way...he has two Escalades and now has a hole-in-one. (You probably heard that one already)

-Bruce Weber...Continues to be what a college basketball coach should be. They can have Calipari, Pitino, and the rest of the glamour boys.   

-Chris Mason/Ty Conklin...working on becoming the best Blues 1-2 tandem since Hall/Plante.

-Tim Lincecum...probably somewhere enjoying a doobee and his unlikely Cy Young. What a rip.

-Steve Spagnoulo...seems like a smart man...but jury's still out on him as a head coach.

-Tony LaRussa...will be here as long as Albert is. Did you really doubt that?

-Darren A) a great guy and B) disrespect intended to my friend Bernie Federko...a teriffic addition to the Blues TV broadcasts.

-Patrik Berglund...???

-Mark DeRosa...will be back if he knows what's good for him...and if the Cardinals know what's good for them.

-Danario Alexander...flying way too far under the radar. Guy's numbers are ridiculous. Could the Rams use a receiver like that? Receiver first round? QB second?

-Tiger Woods...(well.. he's been on TV at least twice as much as any of these other guys)..What's the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a golf ball 400 yards. OK that's enough.

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