Friday, April 22, 2016


-Things You Might Not Have Seen (on TV in Game 5 of the Blues/Blackhawks Series)

Hawks win in 2nd OT 4-3 on Patrick Kane's first goal of the playoff series. You saw that.(If you were able to stay up late enough to watch) Here's what you might not have seen unless you were in the building...or up as close as me.
  •  Coach's Challenge?- After Kane's game-winner, the on-ice officials made sure the maintenance people and other folks who have on-ice duties after the game did not come onto the ice surface. Then they all skated over to the scorer's bench by me and waited to see if there would be a coach's challenge. They obviously thought that some of the traffic in front of the goal, and Brian Elliott complaining about it, might result in a replay situation. Obviously, the Blues video people didn't think there was anything that was worth a challenge and everyone eventually headed for the locker room. Elliott complained about not being able to get back over to defend the open net that Kane shot into. But replays show there wasn't much for him to complain about. He appears to get bumped by his own D-men. 
  • Stand by Ref/Linesman- The NHL sends a back-up referee to each playoff game just in case
    one of the on-ice guys gets injured or can't continue for some reason. The back-up guy would sub for either a ref or linesman. This actually happened a few years ago in one of our games when a linesman developed a rapid heartbeat. The back-up guy jumped in to call lines. Before the game the extra guy comes out to the penalty box in street clothes to observe the warm-up skate. Last night two guys showed up. I asked why there was two. The answer- in an elimination game they send an extra ref and linesman. So
    a ref won't have to call lines...a job he's not used to. Last night Francis Charron was the back-up ref. Brad Kovachik was the back-up linesman. 
  • The Blues led by Senior Director of Event Presentation Chris Frome and Director of Entertainment Jason Pippi put together a fabulous pre-game presentation which included video shown on the ice with a full-rink projection system. The guys from a company in Quebec
    who were brought in for the playoffs last year are back for another visit in '16. It adds a spectacular element for the enjoyment of the fans and really helps get the crowd amped-up. 
  • While we've become used to seeing a high-percentage of Hawks fans at recent Blues regular-season games, there wasn't much red to be seen in the crowd last night by my observation. 
  • During the playoffs, the Blues have been making an effort to get fans back into the old...and
    wonderful...habit of singing When the Blues (Saints) Come Marching In during the game. In the old Arena days it was mostly spontaneous. The idea seems to be catching on thanks to the leadership of uber-talented singer Charles Glenn leading the charge in our show. 
  • You won't realize it while watching the game, but the league actually uses different pucks during the playoffs. The pucks are actually the same regulation size...but they carry a logo of the Stanley Cup Playoffs on the back with the Blue Note (or whomever is the host team) on the front. During the regular season it's just the NHL shield on the back. 
If there is a game 7 at Scottrade Monday night, I'll have some similar observations here about that one. (Hoping our next game will be in Round 2). Thanks for reading. 

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