Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hockey Clowns

I read today that Wayne Gretzy says there's a good possibility the NHL lockout will continue through the '05-'06 season. One can only hope that "The Great One" is saying this to spur active discussion between the two sides. If he really thinks this could happen, and it looks like it could, I don't see how the sport, as we know it, will survive. Two years away from bringing hockey to the general public will effectively kill the sport in most people's minds...especially in the U.S. where we're not as "hockey crazy" as in Canada. How could both sides of this dispute let it come to this? I think the owners wanted to wipe the slate clean from the beginning and start over with a new labor situation that they control...and the players didn't think the owners were committed enough to do it.

When hockey starts up again...whenever that may be...I think you will see it start with a bunch of no-name players...and then the big name guys will start straggling in one by one in an effort to make something close to what they were accustomed to. What do you think??

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