Monday, January 17, 2005

On Hold Messages

I’m excited by the reception I’m getting to my new on-hold messages/music business. I’ve found a cool new software that’s written by an Australian company that can be programmed onto just about any business computer. Then the software can be programmed to play any mix of messages and music directly onto the on-hold position of a business phone system. If the business doesn’t have a sophisticated system, we can add a piece of hardware to make the connection. The software can receive mp3 files by e-mail. That means a client can e-mail me, or call me, and ask for their system to get a new message….maybe they’re running a big sale. I can knock out a message to say what they want to say…e-mail the mp3 file to their computer…and VOILA!! It’s playing on their on-hold system in a matter of minutes. Of course that means that I can do this for virtually any business…ANYWHERE! Many business owners don’t realize the power of on-hold messages and let their system go stale with old music…and worse yet…old messages that really don’t say much. Now, on-hold can be a real sales tool for any business. I’m pumped. Please call me if I can help you with your system…or you want more info. 1-888-585-6510…or my cell 314-368-4045.



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