Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Current Pet Peeves

-Driving behind the numbskull who goes 45 in the passing lane....and has no intention of moving over into the right-hand lane.

-People who pronounce the t in the word often.

-TV sportscasters who feel it necessary to use "catch phrases" and "cutesy" terms to describe the highlights. Bucket-and-the-bruise....give me a break.

-People who take your drive-through order at McDonald's and think you can understand their mumbling.

-People who talk so loudly on their cell phones in a public place that you want to stuff a sock in their mouth.

-Spam... both kinds.

-People who think they are so important that they have to tint the windows on their "really fine" 1989 Oldsmobile.

-People who find it necessary to run up or down an escalator and knock you off to the side.

-Parents who make fools of themselves (in many ways) at kids sporting events.

-Guys who find it impossible to wear a shirt into a convenience store....even though the no shirt sign is on the door.

-Women who think smearing lipstick over most of the lower half of their face is attractive.

-The disclaimers on drug ads that warn of all sorts of horrible side effects.

-All of the stuff you are charged for on your cell/telephone bill that makes absolutely no sense.

-People who talk on their cell phone, smoke, eat, and try to drive at the same time.

-People who think all rules of life are made for someone else to be concerned with...not them.

That's not all of them....but I feel a little better.

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