Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mouthing Off

-Any sensible person would say at this point that there is no chance that Quin Snyder will be coach of the Mizzou basketball program beyond this season. So, the speculation has begun among fans, alumni, and casual observers about who his replacement will be. I have heard Dana Altman, the excellent coach at Creighton U. in Omaha, mentioned as a leading candidate. He, however, has shown no previous inclination to leave his current post. I would suggest they take a hard look at someone who could likely do a great job there and calls our area home. Kevin Stallings, the 7th-year coach at Vanderbilt, one-time Collinsville high All-American, would likely be interested. Kevin has done an oustanding job at Illinois State and Vandy. He would restore some much needed credibility. And, with his Norm Stewart "hair-do", he'll be an instant hit with those who miss ol' Stormin' Norman.

-I'm probably the only guy in America that feels this way, but I was uncomfortable watching Madonna writhing around on the stage with a bunch of people half her age on the Grammy show last night. There was something smarmy, and mildly pathetic, about it to me. And the 45 seconds, or so, that I watched her, was the only time I even bothered with the Grammys. American Idol and the Blues game warmed the tube for me. I know this makes me sound like an old fart, but the new music scene has very little appeal to me. Very little.

-I hope whoever it is that winds up owning the Blues will give Mike Kitchen a close look when they hire a coach. Kitchen has won more games with the current squad than anybody could expect. The recent win streak is evidence that, despite the ownership and management chaos, he has been able to keep the players focused on playing good hockey. That says something to me.

-It appears the NHL far as hockey fans are concerned...will be about two main points. Did anyone involved with hockey bet on hockey, or fix any hockey games? And, what sort of involvement, if any, did Wayne Gretzky have in this whole mess? Gretzky is the ultimate sports hero of hockey...particularly in his native Canada...and people there would be devastated if he gets his reputation sullied in 'Tocchet-gate".

-All the furor over a cartoon? I understand it is against Islamic (law?) to depict Muhammad in any way, but these riots wouldn't happen without somebody in high places promoting and condoning them. Meanwhile, there's an American woman somewhere in Iraq begging to not have her head cut off. Somebody has a screwed-up sense of right and wrong. Right?

-It seems every day now there is a story that forces us to shake our heads and wish we weren't fellow human beings with someone. The latest person to slither into this category is someone named Judy Armstrong-Pickens. She is accused of putting her own blood pressure medicine into the i-v of her kids while they were being treated at St. Louis Children's hospital in 2004. Her 4-year-old son died. Her 5-year-old daughter was sickened, but survived. If she's guilty of this crime, she could not be punished severely enough. At least, not under our current laws. What puts this kind of stuff in someone's head?

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