Monday, October 09, 2006

Playing Catch (Up)

-It happened sooner than expected ...(from Monday, 9/25)-
I'm also predicting that after the season we'll find out that Scott Rolen is having ongoing problems with that surgically repaired shoulder. You'll remember he sat out some games a few weeks back. The team said it was because of shoulder problems...but not related to the surgical re-construction he underwent last off-season. Pardon me for being skeptical. But, Rolen just isn't getting it done like he has in the past at the plate. And, I am seeing what appears to be a slow and tired swing from a guy who never used to display one. ---- I'll be willing to wager that it will then be shared with Cardinal Nation that Rolen has been laboring in considerable pain during the second half of the season.

-Thank you Lord...(from Monday, 10/2)-
Lord...please spare us the agony of a Subway Series. No matter what we matter where we matter what channel we turn to...we would have to suffer the unending, merciless, bombardment of New York self-aggrandisement. How could we possibly live through that? Thank you Lord, in advance, for anything you can do to prevent such a miserable event for the rest of the sports world. Amen.

-We're happy to have the company of oldest son Ian for the next few weeks. He's been working toward his certification as a personal trainer while employed by the Allegria Spa at the Park Hyatt-Beaver Creek resort near Vail, CO. They're doing a 20 heard it right...20 million dollar renovation on the place. So, they've closed down to accomodate the project for a month. Ian took the opportunity to fly home early last week. He attended the SIU homecoming game in Carbondale over the weekend...(another victory for the undefeated Salukis). I'm sure there were no adult beverages consumed at that gathering of old college friends. Yeah, right.

-Spent the weekend in Chicago again. And, again it was to see number-two son Stewart, now in his fourth year, perform in a play presented by The Theatre School at DePaul University. This time it was British playwright Caryl Churchill's Cloud Nine. Written in 1979, the piece explores colonial and gender opression, the sexual revolution, including the women's-lib movement of the 70's, and other somewhat uncomfortable (for many) topics. I have to admit, it's a little difficult for a father to see his son decked out in the full regalia necessary to play a Victorian-era of two characters he portrayed in the show. But these are things that collegiate actors do to explore their talent, test their range, and become comfortable with themselves on stage. So, as a parent, you learn to relax and enjoy. And enjoy we did. It was an amazing job by the entire cast and production staff. These college plays, especially at DePaul and conservatory programs like it, usually present acting and production values, in my opinion, far above what you expect to see on the average TV show. If you enjoy a good stage production, you should force yourself to attend a play put on by a university that is in the business of producing professional artists... such as The Theatre School at DePaul. You just might be amazed, as Barb and I have been.

-While on the topic of Chicago... It features many wonderful restaurants, hotels, and places of top-notch entertainment. But, occasionally you run into a clunker. So it was this weekend with a place we booked on-line. The Gold Coast Hotel...located at Clark and one to avoid, at least for now. With the investment of say...ten or fifteen million dollars...this place could be really nice. It's in a fine location right next to Lincoln Park...the zoo...etc. And, it's only a few blocks from Old Town...with Second City...and a collection of fine of which (O'Brien's) we enjoyed for our Saturday night meal. But, the Gold Coast has seen better days...and seems to be managed by a group of amateurs. Once a Days Inn, it has lost it's affiliation with that respected company...and it's easy to see why. Barb thought it was a bit chilly in our room when we checked in...and asked the front desk how to turn up the heat. They told her.."We don't turn on the heat until November first." What??? A major hotel in Chicago...where it gets cold starting in September...doesn't turn on the heat until November?? You've got to be kidding. "No maam. We can give you extra blankets".... Shouldn't they turn on the heat if it's necessary...and not on some pre-determined date? Oh brother. There were several other smaller, but still annoying, insufficiencies. And, the place needs a major makeover. Let's just say it's currently a place that's on my not recommended list.

-It looks like things are coming together well at the Scottrade Center for the Blues home opener on Thursday. We have a rehearsal scheduled for Wednesday. And, there's a twenty-minute, pre-game ceremony set to welcome the Checketts era before the Thursday game with Boston.

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