Monday, October 02, 2006


-Frightening...that there are so many twisted minds among us. Today...the milkman pulls a copy-cat school invasion, killing and suicide mission like the one in Colorado last week. I guess being mostly normal is much more of a blessing than we realize. As someone once said...there are more walking around among us than are locked up.

-Either there is something that nobody knows about...or the announcer at KTRS misspoke when he introduced Danny Cox...who was speaking at the Cardinals pep former Grizzlies manager Danny Cox. As far as anybody connected with the Grizzlies knows...and I checked...he's not a former manager...or former anything.

-Sad to see good-guy Congressman John Shimkus of Collinsville wrapped up in this Mark Foley/House page scandal. Shimkus and Dennis Hastert-House Speaker and fellow Republican-denied full knowledge of the extent of Foley's suggestive IM's to young, boy pages. Shimkus oversees the program and will certainly take a lot of political hits. He's already being asked to step down from the program by fellow Illinoisan...and Democratic party hit-man...Senator Dick Durbin. Hard to believe that Shimkus would be complicit in any cover-up.

-Well, Cardinals'll have to get used to the idea that you won't have Dusty Baker to loathe as manager of the Cubs any more. And we so looked forward to a long and lusty feud between he and Tony LaRussa. Oh well, whoever manages the Cubs will instantly become Snidely Whiplash to us anyway. Looks like Joe Girardi will be fired in Florida and probably be snatched up in Chicago. He'll be hard to dislike...but we'll find a way.

-Lord...please spare us the agony of a Subway Series. No matter what we matter where we matter what channel we turn to...we would have to suffer the unending, merciless, bombardment of New York self-aggrandisement. How could we possibly live through that? Thank you Lord, in advance, for anything you can do to prevent such a miserable event for the rest of the sports world. Amen. `

-The NFL on Sundays is a violent place. But, even the people involved in the game are thoroughly disgusted with Tennessee Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. In case you missed it, this thug disguised as a football player stomped on the head of Dallas Cowboys center Andre Gurode causing his helmet to come off. Then he stomped Gurode's head opening gashes on the forehead that required 30 stitches to close. The NFL has suspended Haynesworth, who has had temper issues before, for 5 games without pay...the longest for on-field behavior in league history. Everyone, even Haynesworth himself, has indicated total disgust for his behavior. Here's a guy who needs a few weeks of alone-time with Dr. Phil...and a bull whip.

-I wrote a while back about how excited we are for niece Lauren Heffernan who landed a job as one of the team that takes care of, and transports, the West Coast Clydesdales for Anheuser-Busch. The team was in Kansas City this weekend for the NASCAR race and sister Bonnie, brother-in-law Mark, and niece Lindsay all went over to visit Lauren and the large horsies. I've got a bunch of pictures that indicate they had a great weekend...but here's one that stands out.

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