Monday, October 22, 2007


-I'm honored to have been asked to be chairman of the fundraising effort for Phase 2 of the renovation and expansion project at Lindenwood University's-Belleville campus...(The former Belleville West H.S.) If you haven't seen it lately, there are already many great improvements that have been accomplished. It will be an honor to serve this project. I have some great members on the fundraising committee.
-Kathleen DuMontier
-Roger Wigginton
-Rosella Wamser
-Kathy Wilson
I'll be starting a new blog soon to keep everyone informed about the investment/contribution opportunities...and the progress of the project.

-The Blues are the best entertainment value in town right now. When's the last time I could say that? Don't 'member.

-Son Stewart is getting many great "feelers" from prospective agents and managers after the very well-received opening of his play in SoCal. More to come on that...but if you'd like to visit his here.

-Think the Rams will sell out any more games this year? That aren't already sold out that is. Looks like the pressure is starting to get to coach Linehan. Saw that he walked out of his press conference at Rams Park yesterday.

-Tony's back. Who will be his boss? Somebody that better be able to work with him. (That guy is already picked I'll bet...they just can't announce it yet.)

-We had dinner at Paradise Cove in Malibu on my recent West Coast trip. I hope it survives the wildfires. A half-million people ordered to evacuate their homes. Scary! (No threat to where Stewart lives in Studio City...thankfully)

-Too bad the Illini couldn't win one of these last two outings...but they've already accomplished more than most thought they would this year. Mizzou, on the other hand, could have it's best year in decades. Who thought that season-opener at the EJ Dome was that big a game?

-Kid Rock arrested in brawl at IHOP. Livin' the low-life high-life.

-President Bush asks for 46 billion more to fight war. When do we reach the bottom of that piggy bank?

-I'm picking the Rockies to upset the BoSox. Playing at atltitude, in snow, or both, can only favor one of these teams.

-I think we've had some pretty good times as St. Louis sports fans. But, how would you like to be a Boston fan these days? BoSox--World Series. Patriots--well, they're the Patriots. Celtics on the upswing. Boston College football--#2 in the nation. Bruins are so-so..but not bad. Sports heaven...right now.

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Here's another review with photo of our talented kids.

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