Monday, October 29, 2007


-Geez...How bad are the Rams? I know they've had to deal with more injuries than anyone could imagine this year, but come on. Let's see...they're 0-8 in what most people believe to be the worst division of the worst conference in the NFL. I guess that puts them one small step above Ohio State. Maybe.

In talking with friends, and hearing the comments of many on sports talk radio, it appears the honeymoon with Rams football in our town is definitely over. Could it have been that long since the Rams played New England in the Super Bowl? I guess so, because now people are tired of the absentee owner, the absentee president, the place where the team plays, the seeming lack of involvement in the community of most of the players....all adding up to a huge mountain that the organization must climb to re-connect with the local fan base. Put the lousy football aside, these other things have to be addressed first...the return to decent football will eventually come. It might take a while. But it almost always does in the NFL where the bad teams are rewarded with top draft picks.

In a perfect world, Georgia Frontiere would realize that she has major problems in her company that she is not willing to address. She would ask Stan Kroenke if he is ready to assume majority ownership of the team and, of course, he would say yes. Kroenke would ask for John Shaw's resignation and bring in someone who would not only be more football savvy...but who also would be willing to have his office in St. Louis. The new team president would then hire a general manager who has a proven track record with another organization...(preferably the Patriots who can't seem to do anything wrong)...who would then hire a head coach that can coach.

See that was easy. Oh yeah, that was a perfect world. In our imperfect world we will have to wait for Georgia to pass away...or be physically incapacitated in some way to where she loses control of the team... and then maybe some of those other things might happen.

How patient are St. Louis fans? It appears that the Edward Jones Dome (and that place is a rant for another time) is not going to be full for anything other than strong out-of-town fan bases...i.e. Green Bay, Da Bears, Colts, Chiefs, Cowboys etc... and maybe an NCAA basketball game or two...anytime soon. We will not see the Rams on TV. We will lose interest. We will not buy tickets. We will blame our horrible Sundays on the pathetic ownership. Uh-oh...Haven't we been down this road before? Will Georgia soon become akin to Bill Bidwill in our town? I hate to predict that...but things seem to be shaping up that way.

If the Rams need a template for running their team...they might look at what the Dave Checketts ownership has done with the Blues in their short time in town. Good people top to bottom catering to every fan in every possible way. They just get it. But the Rams would first have to have ownership that cares. Georgia continues to shop in Scottsdale. And as long as her credit card isn't rejected, she seemingly won't care if the football team goes 0-5,000. Shaw is taking care of things from his L.A. digs...right? Where have you gone Kurt Warner...Marshall Faulk...London Fletcher...Tony Horne...Charley Armey...and Dick Vermiel?

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hawkeye said...

You hit some great points on the Rams organization. As for the ownership and management, I feel this is key an poignant. St. Louis as you know, is a big small town and takes pride in the hometown feel.
When we have the ownership living in L.A. that is one thing, but when we have an ownership that lives in L.A. and we barely hear a peep out of them?? That's another thing.

We want our ownership to care about St. Louis, that's just the way we are. That is why Kurt Warner is so loved, he gave back (Winter Warm Up etc.).

That is why our hockey team is able to make a quicker recovery from terrible seasons fan wise, because they give back and most live here and love the community.

The reflection to the community that the Cards give and the Blues is of a "hometown" feel, I haven't seen that from the Rams in a while.

Even Tony Larussa after his contract situation, I was certain he would end up with the Dodgers or Yankees, but he's back..a big time manager that loves St. Louis and its baseball.

The Rams organization and its players have got to get the same "Mojo" going with the fans as our Blues and Cards. This is what makes losing forgivable...

Thx JP