Thursday, November 22, 2007

To My Buddies

-We will, as has been our tradition, have a big and tasty feast at our house today. Most of our family will be in attendance and it will be great. But, being a dad, when I sit down to give thanks today I will be thinking about you, my two sons who are far away.

Ski season has officially begun and Ian, you will be busy working at the Beaver Creek resort in Colorado. And Stewart, you are chasing your acting dream in Southern Califiornia. Oh, we'll talk on the phone sometime today, but it's just not the same as having you here at the table with us.

Wasn't it yesterday...or at the most last week...that you were little boys and totally wrapped up in the day? You would watch as the turkey was prepared and help Mom with some of the kitchen chores. Watching your faces light up to the many family moments of the day, and that terrific spread of food, was wonderful stuff for your pop.

My little buddies aren't little anymore. Fellas, I'll be thinking of you today, missing you, and the days when we were all together. Make those dreams of yours come true quickly, so you can come home and be with us next year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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