Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wall Throwing

-Mizzou makes #1. The score of the KU game was a little lower than expected... but the result was correct. To me, the Tigers looked to be a much superior team. Now they are on the cover of Sports Illustrated...uh oh. But, I'd be surprized if they don't beat Oklahoma and play for the national championship.

-The Blues have an over-abundance of defensemen right now. When people like Jay McKee and Matt Walker are not playing regularly, and other quality d-men at Peoria, you certainly have the assets to make a significant trade for scoring help. I still expect that to happen...but later, rather than sooner.

-What a shame...when two beautiful young girls have their lives ended in an auto accident and they were totally innocent. The teenaged Uhl sisters of Collinsville died Friday when their car was crushed by a State Police car speeding to another accident that was cut off in traffic and went out of control. The parents must be devastated.

-Meanwhile, many are saying Sean Taylor of the Washington Redskins was getting his life straightened out after being on the wrong side of many situations in the past few years. Taylor died from a gunshot wound suffered during the night Monday at his Miami home. This young guy has been in loads of past trouble...and you suspect some of it came back to haunt him. Police are investigating.

-Oprah campaigning for Obama? Anybody surprized?

-Dick Cheney now has an irregular heartbeat...and four previous heart attacks. One has to wonder if he'll serve out his term.

-Kevin Dubrow...lead singer of Quiet Riot...dies at 52. Of natural causes no doubt.

-The Baseball Winter Meetings will be next week in Nashville. If new Cards GM John Mozeliak doesn't come out of it with some sort of "splashy" trade or free-agent acquisition, I will be upset as a fan...and many others who pay for season tickets each year may begin to question their investment. How long does the honeymoon after a world championship legitimately last? Many fans felt ripped-off last season. '08 could be worse without significant upgrades to the pitching staff. Mulder--questionable. Carpenter--questionable, even after he returns mid-season. Pineiro--Healthy...but not a reliable commodity. Looper--Second year as a starter...shoulder surgery in his recent past. Wainwright--Solid and reliable. But what happens if any of the guys you're counting on goes down? They say there's really nobody available in the minors that's ready to go.

-Funniest new TV show I've seen...The Big Bang Theory. Monday nights on CBS. Four geeks living in an apartment building close to a blonde hotty. Great writing and comedic acting.

-So now that I have a son living in the Los Angeles area, what do I see on the History Channel but a show about the Puente Hills fault that runs right under the city. This is what's known as a blind thrust fault...not your ordinary crack in the earth. The scientists on the program say that when this baby lets loose (they can't predict when but it will) the forces unleashed will turn the ground into a bowlful of jello...or worse. Many of the structures...especially the skyscrapers...could come apart. Thousands of deaths...billions of dollars in damage. Just what a parent needs to have in the back of his mind. Click here for more info.

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