Thursday, December 13, 2007


-Many questions and answers remain after the release of the Mitchell Report on substance abuse in baseball. Some of my questions are:
-What will the commissioner's office and player's association do about it...if anything?

-If some named in the report were breaking federal law...will some prosecutor(s) be inclined to pursue charges?

-Will Barry Bonds say anything about it...even though it looks like he was one of many. Saying anything might get him in more trouble than he's already in.

-Will this drive Mark McGwire even further underground? He's already a hermit.

-How will we view the McGwire/Bonds era in 10 years? 20 years? Most of us already have plenty of disdain for the way we were sucked in in '98.
-Who sues Roger Clemens so he is forced to give back some money? Maybe a class-action suit by Red Sox/Yankees/ and Astros fans will do the trick?

- Will the average weight of a major league player go down 20 pounds in the next two years?

-If , as Mitchell said many times in his presentation, HGH is not detectable, what will be done about that?

-Where do the lawyers start lining up? There will probably be lawsuits upon lawsuits based on some of this information. There will likely be suits filed by players who feel there rightful roster spot was taken by somebody who was cheating and breaking the law/rules.

-CNBC is sure to be sued too by none other than Albert Pujols whose name popped up on their website before the report was released as being named in it. Then, suddenly, his name disappeared. Doh!

-Who will be the first to say that all of these guys were doing what they thought would help them compete, that fans were better entertained because of it, and we should all just chill? I can't wait for that one.

There's a lot of sorting out to do.

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