Sunday, December 02, 2007


-It was a great idea. The Blues decided to have a Mizzou football-watching party during and after the hockey game at Scottrade Center. Not only did the game turn into the worst case scenario for the Tigers, it also was for Blues management. By the time the Blues had beaten the Blackhawks 3-1, Mizzou was down by two touchdowns early in the fourth quarter. Roughly a third (my guess) of the hockey fans stayed to watch the football game on the center-ice video board. But as soon as Oklahoma scored again, that number dwindled considerably. By the end of the football game, for which I stayed to make a few announcements, there were only a few hundred people left. So, the concession bonanza that Blues management had hoped for just didn't happen. The good will in the sports-fan public though was generated by the highlights shown during the game...and the willingness to acknowledge that we all have interests other than just hockey. The Blues management continues to impress. But the Sooners just didn't cooperate to make it into a perfect Saturday night.

-Looking forward to joining Rich Gould on Channel 11's popular The Fan Show tonight at AJ's at the Adam's Mark Hotel...the show's new home. Rich has some cool ideas for using the Blues announcer-guy during the show. Should be fun.

-Be listening to 1380-AM Monday as 1380ESPN turns into TEAM1380. New, and all local, personalities throughout the day. And be listening carefully to hear the guy who will be the new "imaging voice" of the station. You might recognize the sound.

-Son Stewart is picking up some extra cash working with a company that does corporate and private holiday decorating in the LA area. Recently he decorated the home of Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac.

-Other son Ian reports that the snow in Colorado ski country that the industry has been looking for finally arrived. A big storm at the Beaver Creek ski resort area the last couple of days. The U.S. ski team is involved with a big competition there right now.

-Barb and I are now enjoying the service of Netflix. 300 was the movie-du-jour Saturday. Enjoyable...but we both came away wondering if we had just watched a movie, a cartoon, or a video game. The combination of live action, effected to look like animation...and CGI that looks amazingly life-like...blurred my little brain's ability to distinguish one from the other. I guess the producers accomplished their mission. I'm still trying to decide if I want more of it. I guess we'll have to try Beowulf to get a better idea.

-I guess all those college football analysts who snobbishly said things like..."Mizzou shouldn't be number 1 in the country because they have no tradition of such accomplishments."...have gotten their wish. Many seemed to be very uncomfortable getting their mind around Missouri at the top of the charts.

-Did somebody say the Rams are playing the Falcons this weekend?

-I caught a little of the Republican-You Tube debate on CNN the other night. Some of the front-runners are gearing up the attacks on one another. It'll only get more ugly as time wears on and the top dogs are identified. Congressman Ron Paul's ideas (as I've written here before) have gotten the attention of many. Some of his more unusual proposals have, predictably, been attacked as those of a crazy man. Let's see who in the past was thought to be crazy? Oh maybe...Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King, to name a few. Do we really want a president who doesn't have new and different ideas? More of the same doesn't seem to be the answer. Dr. Paul's problem will have more to do with his rather milquetoast persona than his ideas. Meanwhile, the Democrats have the benefit of having a woman and a minority as the front-runners. No chance they will present a "good ol' boy" to the public.

-Things appear to still be on track for Jeff Cooper and St. Louis Soccer United. In reading his blog at the team's here...Cooper is still optimistic that St. Louis will become the 16th team in the MLS when play begins in the 2009 season. I'm excited by the prospect.

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