Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Slapshots

-Here's to you having a great '08!

-I think Barb and I may have started a new New Year's Eve tradition. A couple of medium-rare T-bones...two good movies...a cocktail and a kiss at midnight...and a good night's sleep. I'm for leaving the driving around to parties to the thrill seekers of the population.

-The Rams and Cardinals both seem to be in a confused state right now. Meanwhile, the Blues appear to have everything in focus and many great days to look forward to. Like they say, it all starts at the top.

-What a great change of pace for college football fans to have both Mizzou and the Illini to be excited about this New Year's Day. While the Illini fell flat in the Rose Bowl, Ron Zook's program appears to hold an awful lot of near-term promise. And, after thumping Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl, Coach Pinkel has things lined up for an amazing "Tiger tale" in '08.

-I've made my point before here about the recent efforts of Pat Summerall...and I'm not happy at all that he provided more evidence at the Cotton Bowl. Please understand, I have nothing against him, but somebody should ask him to bow out with his dignity.

-I think the best game on New Year's Day wasn't even a bowl game. The NHL scored many strong points for itself with the Winter Classic outdoor game in Buffalo between the Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Over 70-thousand fans at Rich Stadium for this one on a cold, windy and snowy day. But nobody seemed bothered by it, least of all the players who said they loved playing the outdoor game. A specially constructed rink on top of the football field had a few ice problems during the game. But, nothing that stopped the teams and fans from having one hell of a day to remember. In case you missed it, the face of the NHL for the next ten years, Sidney Crosby of the Penguins, scored a shootout goal to win it. Maybe they should play the All-Star game outdoors each year..?? Just a thought.

-As I'm writing, crude oil prices have hit a record $100 a barrel. More reason than ever for the candidates in this year's election to be very clear about how they/we intend to get off dependence on petroleum.

-I was at a neighborhood party Saturday night while the Patriots were trying to complete their undefeated regular season. Of course, the game was on and I found myself actually rooting for New England to come back and beat the Giants. I can't believe it...but I was. Should I get a mental check-up? I really don't like much about the Patriots...except for a strong admiration for Tom Brady. No explanation other than that.

-After months of hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing, and promoting of "special coverage" on the local TV channels, the morning rush of the I-64/Highway 40 shutdown was a breeze. Monday, when more people will return to work and school from holiday vacations, might turn out to be a better test. Stay tuned.

-A neat family thing happened on the west coast Monday. Son Stewart and niece Lauren Heffernan were able to meet up for dinner and some fun in Pasadena. Lauren is working with the west-coast Clydesdales hitch and Stew is living out there while pursuing acting work. Of course, the "big horsies" were in town for the Rose Bowl parade. I'm told many pictures were taken with the floats at the parade staging area. So, we might have some to share with you here soon.

That's all for now...come back again soon.

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