Monday, January 21, 2008

Quick Hits

-I had my face fixed for Favre vs. Brady. Oh well. So, do we get another Super Bowl blowout?

-The competition is so tight, and talent so comparable in the NHL, that the Blues current swoon has to end for them to make the playoffs. This when the toughest part of their schedule is looming. My mind as a fan is still in re-building mode. So, I wouldn't be terribly disappointed if we had to unload a few players and get some picks and prospects at the trade deadline in Feb.

-I'm wondering what Dr. King would have thought of the people who heckled St. Louis Mayor Slay during his MLK Day speech.

-As blogging becomes more a "legitimate" part of electronic communication, I find I'm being much more careful about the opinions expressed herein, and enjoying it less. While I'm a trained journalist, I prefer this to not be a journalistic endeavor.

-The passing of Georgia Frontiere means there likely will be great change within the Rams organization. Let's hope it's the productive kind.

-Highway 40 shutdown...what highway 40 shutdown?

-Has anyone seen Fred Thompson?

-Somebody wrote this weekend that Chris Carpenter may be back earlier from Tommy John-surgery than expected. Let's just let him decide when.

-Bodies falling from the sky in that California plane collision. You can only hope that they were dead already.

-Is there something terribly odd about seeing Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary? Or is it just me?

-Gee...what a bargain. Gas for under $2.85 a gallon. And nobody to check your oil.

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