Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey, Wher've I Been?

-Practically a month since I found the time to write. Holy Moly!

-Just about every time I've walked into the KMOX newsroom to prep for my weekend morning shows recently, I've felt the spirit of many of my broadcasting heroes who spent time there. I'll never forget the first time I walked into that room as a college intern to see the great Jack Buck standing there looking over some sports copy. I was scanning some news copy from one of the, now antiquated, AP tickers. I must have been frozen for a good five minutes not knowing what to say or do in the presence of my number one hero. Eventually, he broke the ice by turning to me and saying.."Well...aren't you going to introduce yourself"? Of course, he said it in a very friendly and engaging way. We wound up talking for a good 5 minutes as he got to know "the new kid". He always remembered me and my name after that. And, like many, I will always remember him in anything I do as an example of how one should lead a life.

-Mitchell Boggs starting for the Cardinals tonight. I'll bet I'm not the only Cardinals fan who didn't know much about him at the start of the season. So let's see...how many starting pitchers are unavailable...or have been at one time...for us this season? Wainwright, Carpenter, Mulder, Clement, Pineiro, Wellemeyer, didn't Looper and Lohse miss a start or two? That's just about everybody isn't it? How much are they paying these people who don't even pitch? Wow!

-So the Presidential race is finally set...Obama vs. McCain. I refuse to announce my choice in this dogfight until I hear more from each about some of the issues facing us....such as--
-What do you plan to do about our dependence on foreign oil?
-What do you plan to do about the enormous bills facing the country for Social Security and other programs?
-How do you plan to... fairly for business, individuals, and especially taxpayers...deal with the growing numbers of medically uninsured?
-What's the plan for the millions of people in this country illegally?
That's a start.

-As I write, I'm munching on some Tostitos and salsa. I just wonder where the tomatoes in the salsa came from?

-I've been in the process of accomplishing a lot of stuff with my business. The biggest thing is that my office has been moved from West Main in Belleville..to my home in Millstadt. As much as I enjoyed being at the West Main location, it became obvious that operating there was a bit of a luxury for what I do. The ad business doesn't require me to have an office very often. And my voiceover stuff is just as easily accomplished at home, as long as I have a high-speed internet connection. Once I pulled the trigger on satellite internet for the home a month ago, then the office became expendable. But, moving is always a pain in the backside. And this move was no different. Getting everything set up and operating...especially my computers...was a little more than I had expected in the way of hassle. But, now all is settled down...and operating fairly smoothly. For those who correspond with me regularly by snail mail... please contact me for my new mailing address.


Matt Gordon said...

Hey Tom! Nice to see you back writing online. I'm enjoying Sunday morning breakfasts listening to you on the Mighty MOX! Must be a really cool feeling in that studio.

Rodney said...

Hey Tom...Just take into consideration what the candidate has done for their country. If you weight that factor alone, the choice would be simple. I have seen no sacrifice from the Democratic candidate. Patriotism can be measured. This election is a no brainier. In sports, we would ask, who has more spirit. In politics we ask, who has more Patriotism....Have a great summer.