Thursday, June 19, 2008

Spreading the Wealth?

-Remember before the season when all that stuff was going around about Albert Pujols needing elbow surgery and that he should miss this season to have it done? Well, with AP being on the DL with that calf strain, it appears we're getting a look at the Cardinals we would have been left to root for if he had. And the picture ain't pretty. The lineup obviously goes down several notches without Prince Albert in there. The opposition can pretty much pitch around who they want to now.

-I saw maybe the most incredible meltdown I've ever witnessed in a professional baseball game today. The Grizzlies led Windy City by 5 runs going into the top of the 9th at GCS Ballpark. Before the Thunderbolts finished batting in their half, they had scored 8 times and sent 12 batters to the plate. I say meltdown because the 'Bolts didn't do much to earn it. The Grizzlies closer...and former closer (names spared to protect the young and impressionable) combined to allow only 3 hits. But they walked 4 batters and hit 2. It was one of those innings where you wanted to suggest that they pitch it underhanded just to get it over the plate. Windy City would have likely hit the ball somewhere to make 3 outs before they scored enough runs to tie it. Poor manager Phil Warren was probably ready to take a job selling vacuum cleaners by the end of that one. Sheesh...Well, as they say, excrement occurs.

-Even with gas at an incredible $4.19 a gallon today, there will be an enormous debate in this country about the off-shore drilling proposals, and any other proposal that means messing with the environment. Don't you think that's what the foreign oil barons and sheiks are counting on? They know that our way of running a government ensures that no decisive action is ever taken on anything. Our internal struggles over everything are their best ally. Keep putting the burdens on business Washington, and watch our economy go further down the toilet. I keep wondering when we will come together on the side of educational and economic excellence for the sake of a stronger country. But it seems many have their own agenda to serve no matter the economic price and negative impact on our world standing.

-Now that we know what Tiger Woods was dealing with physically during the U.S. Open, could it be the most amazing individual athletic achievement of all time? You don't win a U.S. Open on one leg. Most humans couldn't do it given unlimited legs.

-I know I'm not the only one who hopes that the InBev attempt to take over Anheuser-Busch goes away. People outside of St. Louis, especially those with A-B stock, aren't nearly as protective. But the devastation that InBev would likely bring to the job picture and pride of St. Louis...and America for that cause for major alarm. There's just something not right about one of America's iconic brands being owned by people in Belgium. But most of us, including the politicians, are powerless to do much about it.

-It sure would be nice if the Blues found a way to trade up into that number one pick in the draft Friday. But that's not likely to happen. Tampa Bay would be crazy to give up the rights to the one player that everyone agrees is a can't miss offensive impact player...Steve Stamkos. The Blues will either settle for the best player available (likely another defenseman) at number 4, or trade down a little way for more picks.

-I was in another of those 48 hour Film Project movies weekend before last. It was fun, but it appears my box-office appeal and acting ability is fading. Our team didn't make the St. Louis finals this year. Director Tim Snider won the Best Film award in '06.

-The real actor in the family, son Stewart, is staying busy in Hollywood. He's been on stage for a couple more plays over the last few months. And Stew is also being considered for a major part in a short film as I write. Still looking for the big break...but staying busy. In that market, that's saying something.

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