Friday, July 11, 2008

Random July Thoughts

-Do you suppose Jesse Jackson's jealousy was coming out when he made the ridiculous and stupid comments about Barack Obama? I'm guessing the Reverend saw himself as the first minority president and is having a hard-time with it. Didn't know the mic was on....come on Rev. You're always around a mic.

-Tony LaRussa wants Mo to make a trade to keep the Cards in the race. Easy to say. Not so easy to do. Good luck on that one boys.

-Are you as unexcited about the Olympics (now less than a month away) as I am. I hope NBC isn't counting on me to get back their multi-billion dollar investment.

-Now it appears InBev and A-B are trying to settle things in a friendly way. This, after lawsuits and threats of hostile takeover actions. I'm guessing it will soon be settled...and in a way that those of us in St. Louis will find distatestful....maybe the right word is "skunky".

-I kinda think the Rams will be quite a bit better than most of us expect. I've seen at least one national writer that's picking them to win the NFC West.

-I'm thinking that our economy will be fixed when somebody does something that makes a little sense regarding all those things that are causing it to tank. But you can bet that if it happens it won't be until after the November election.

-No big free-agent signings for the Blues....not that I expected any. I'm hoping they continue the lean-and-mean course and play the new kids. Let's find out which of our future stars really are.

-So, will it be BuschBev Stadium?

-I guess when you hit that many homers your manager doesn't mind that you're never on base any other time because you've struck out. Speaking of Ryan Howard, of course.

-New business open in West Belleville. Smoothie King at Firehouse Crossings on Frank Scott Parkway. Operated by local entrepreneur Adam Dohm. Tried one of the many possible combinations of smoothies this morning....mmmm.

-Poor Mark Mulder. I feel badly for the guy. I guess the millions of dollars will help to ease the pain. But it's one of those deals where you know the guy is always going to be saying "what if" when he looks back on his life and career.

-Who will be the VP candidates? Mitt Romney with McCain...and in a surprize, Hillary with Obama. You didn't know I was psychic, did you?

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