Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sporting Around

-I tend to think the Cardinals will do SOMEthing to try to rectify the horrible bullpen situation before the trade deadline next week. But, I'd be surprized if it's any sort of "eye-popping" deal. By the way, George Sherrill, the Orioles closer that so many hope the Redbirds will find a way to land, is a one-time performer for the Evansville Otters who compete with the Gateway Grizzlies in the Frontier League.

-Sad to hear the situation at Channel 4 sports. Poor Steve Savard. He and Doug Vaughn are saddled with having to compete with 2 and 5 when his company is insistent upon hiring so-called "back-pack journalists". As you may know, this is a person who goes into the field and shoots, edits and presents his own video on the air...a practice popular at small-market stations. This is appealling to today's bottom-line oriented managers intent on eliminating jobs and combining two union positions into one. They don't seem to care, or understand, what it might do to the on-air product. I haven't seen the new back-packer on 4 yet...but someone who did told me he's not up to major market standards when it comes to on-air presentation. Gee..who woulda thought that?

-Rumors continue to circulate that Brendan Shanahan might wind up playing for the Blues this season. He's still saying he wants to return to the Rangers, but considering they have very little room under the salary cap to sign him, that might not happen. I, for one, would love to see Shanny back wearing The Note. He'd be a good mentor to some of the youngsters who we'll see a lot of this coming season. He'd have to make up with Keith Tkachuk though.

-What did Brett Favre expect the Packers would do...just let him walk away? First the guy cries a river announcing his retirement. The Pack says...OK it's on to the Aaron Rogers era. Then old number 4 decides he'd like to suit up for another year. Not happy with maybe not being the starter anymore, Mr. Favre starts whining publicly about GBay not wanting him anymore. You can't blame the team if you ask me. They're just trying to A) move on..and then B) protect their assets. People who say they should just let him go play someplace else...need to take a class in basic economics.

-Now Chris Duncan has a bulging disc in his neck...Now Colby Rasmus has a bum knee. Are the Cardinals the most injury-plagued team in pro baseball or am I crazy? I mean, they had a guy who's career ended on a foul ball that hit him in the eye last year. They had a pitcher killed in a traffic accident. They've got more pitchers on the DL than most teams have pitchers. Whatever happened to Josh Kinney and Tyler Johnson who were instrumental in helping win the World Series in '06? People forget that the bullpen is made up of the pitchers that are able to throw....and that ain't many.

-I see where the Rams were 22nd among the 32 NFL teams in the power rankings of at least one on-line pundit. To me, the big thing this year will be if they can A) stay healthy and B) protect Marc Bulger. The Rams had an unbelievable injury pile-up last year that no team could have overcome. And if Orlando Pace can stay on the field they will be much better as an offensive line. When you have a confident Bulger, you have a good chance of winning. But he tends to get jumpy and hesitant when the big boys up front aren't up to snuff.

-I'm kinda surprized that the Grizzlies have been able to hang on to catcher Charlie Lisk this long. He's a big (6-4, 230) catcher who hits for average (currently .303) and has good power (16 HR in 50 games and .595 slugging %). He also calls a good game and throws out runners with regularity. He was selected to the Frontier League all-star game a few weeks back which tends to get you noticed by affiliated baseball. He seems to have all the tools and would be a good guy for some MLB club to offer a contract.

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