Sunday, March 08, 2009


-Many thanks to all of you who have congratulated me on my 1000th game with the Blues. As I've often said, my association with the Blues organization has been a lucky break for me and something I'll always cherish. I hope I can hang in there for another few years.

-Also thanks to Jamie Ingle and the folks at the Belleville News-Democrat who included me in a story about people who use their voice to make a living. The story ran in the Sunday Magazine (3/8) and I thought it was very well done.

-Speaking of the Blues, it would be great to see the team make a strong run at a playoff spot in the next five weeks. The odds are stacked against them. But Andy Murray's team has shown that they don't much care about the odds so far this season. They've got a big mountain to climb...but that's what makes sports such an interesting part of life. Nothing is impossible until the numbers say so.

-Some things I will never get a grip on--
  • Why some people can't manage the energy to buckle a seat belt...or use a turn signal while driving.
  • Why a woman who has been beaten up by a man often gives the guy the chance to do it again.
  • Why an adult will shake...and often kill or maim...a helpless infant.
  • Why some people don't understand that you don't want to hear their cell phone conversations in a public place. And why they have to talk loud enough for the entire county to hear them.
  • Why when some people attain the title of supervisor...they somehow manage to lose the ability to be friendly.
  • Why things that taste really good are almost always really bad for you.

-I had an encounter with a young man at the hockey game Tuesday night that got me thinking a bit about what I do. In a good way. I was in the middle of making a few announcements between periods when I noticed this guy being shown into the penalty box to my left out of the corner of my eye. After I finished up, I turned to greet the fellow who had asked one of the ushers to meet me. I introduced myself and we shook hands and the guy said "So this is where you do it huh?". I said, "Yes. This is the place." He told me if he could get this close to the action all the time that he could enjoy hockey a lot more. I said I was sure a lot of people feel that way...when I noticed that he was using a white cane to get around. He told me that I was his connection to the game where he sat in the area set aside for physically challenged fans. He wanted my autograph on his ticket...which, of course, he would never see but I was happy to provide. It reminded me that there's a section of the population that can only enjoy sports through sound and feel...and that I always need to be mindful of that. Next time I'll try to be in less of a hurry to get back to my announcements so I can write down a person's name and phone number to make a follow-up call.

-Khalil Greene--early nominee for Comeback Player-of-the-Year.

-I would have enjoyed seeing Mike McKenna and Ben Bishop play goal for their respective teams in the Blues-Lightning game Friday night. It's amazing how far youth hockey has come in St. Louis...and how many St. Louis kids are now playing...or soon will be... in the NHL.

-Sad to see what's happening to some people and their jobs in the broadcast industry. I thought things couldn't get much worse when I stopped going to a radio station daily in 2004. But I was wrong.

-Good for Brian least trying to do some good news in amongst all the gloom-and-doom economic stuff on his NBC Nightly News.

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