Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spanning the Globe

-Update from Hollywood and our actor son. Stewart has been hired to the cast of The Eves. It's a horror flick that will shoot in southeast Texas in April and May. Release? It's a full-length feature that hopefully will be at a theater near you sometime within the next year. This will be one of those pics that has no real star. In fact, it's unlikely you will have heard of any of the lead actors. But the big thing for Stew is that it's a real, honest-to-badness slasher flick. Not that I advocate, or really enjoy, that sort of entertainment. But it definitely harbors the opportunity for upward career movement for our guy. And think of the others who've made it big in Hollywood after a start in horror films. I don't need to name them for my highly astute readers here do I? Nah!

I've gotten a sneak peak at the screenplay. And I will say this, that the writers and producers have a script to work with that has some meat to it. Many flicks of this genre feature a lot of skin...a lot of slash...(and there's some of that)...but little else. This one also gives the thinkers among us a little bit to work with. Of course, I won't spill the creative beans here, but there's a biblical backdrop...with something to say about the "super-zealots" of the population. Stewart will take on the role of Paul...who as much as a few others in the story...is a central character. Paul brings a sense of stability to the ensemble of characters. We're terribly excited for our guy once again. He keeps taking small steps up in his career each month. And that's saying a lot more than many Hollywood hopefuls can say.

Here's a link to the movie's website...still under construction. Cast photos. Writer/producer bios etc. And Stewart's updated site. Photo at right--> lovely Cathy Baron who plays the part of Nicky in the film.

By the way...Stew and his co-star Alex Schemmer recently received news they have won a Garland Award for their ensemble performance in last year's Thrill Me-The Leopold and Loeb Story. It played at Hudson Backstage Theater in North Hollywood about this time in '08. Unfortunately, the awards will be given out in late April when Stew will be on location with the movie project above. Here's a link to more on the Garland Awards.

-The Blues recently completed homestand puts them in pretty good shape to slide into one of the Western Conference playoff spots. Now, its a matter of doing what they can with 4 home games in their final 13. Not an easy schedule...but they've been good on the road since Christmas. What a job by the whole organization for them to be in this position. Exciting! Even more exciting is the thought of watching Oshie, Berglund and Perron skate for the next several years. One or two more like them and watch out!

-I've got a notion that the economy is starting to bottom out and will be heading back to respectability soon. No facts...just a feeling.

-So far so good with Chris Carpenter. If the guys arm stays in service...the Cards are once again favorites to battle it out for the Central division title.

-Well, I've got two brackets filled out. One is the reasonable one. The other is the hopeful one. I'm hopeful that Mizzou and the Illini will do some damage this year. Both have reasonable chances of making it to the Sweet 16. After that, who knows. The reasonable bracket though has Mizzou losing in the round of 16...and the Illini losing their second game to Gonzaga. Let's hope that hope wins out over reason.

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