Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Man

-This post is meant as a simple tribute to the wonderful story in last Friday's St. Louis Post-Dispatch and on written by Dan O'Neill.

Dan drew a fine word portrait of the hero of my youth. The athlete that was much more than an athlete to most of us who grew up baseball fans in the Midwest. Like many, I have a vivid memory of crying my eyes out the day Stan played his last game in 1963. I also recall spending one night at old Busch just watching him the entire game. No matter the score...I examined his every move...hoping that somehow I could absorb some of what made him great, and somehow he might feel the affection of his young fan.

As an adult, I've been in his presence several times...but have never had the occasion to converse. I hope that perhaps that might happen while we're both still able.

For those who missed it, here's a link to Dan's story. Enjoy. And thanks Dan for rekindling those old feelings.

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Shawn said...

One of my great disappointments in life was never seeing him play. We not only need more baseball players like the Pride of Donora, we need more people like him.