Wednesday, April 08, 2009


-With two games left, the Blues are in position to control whether they make the playoffs. Win and they're in.

-So, after some urging by my sons, you can now find me on Facebook. Amazing!

-I picked North Carolina to win it all...and play Michigan State in the championship game...on one of my brackets....but so did someone else with more total points.

-Stewart heads for Texas next week to begin shooting for The Eves...full-length, slasher film.

-I can't wait for the cold weather to stop.

-When will MLB learn that it's still cold in late March and early April in certain cities?

-I can't ever remember working on Easter I will this Sunday at KMOX...but I'm sure I must have.

-Have you ever had Pritchard's rum...distilled in Kelso, Tennessee? Regular..and several flavors. Picked up some yesterday on a recommendation.

-Jason Motte's opening game experience proves you could shoot a baseball out of a cannon and most good hitters would still hit it if it goes straight.

-Please don't spread the word about David Backes. He's going to be expensive enough when his contract is up.

-Have you noticed that about every week some bit of news comes out that makes it evident that A-B isn't the wonderful place to work that it always used to be.

-I watched a little of the ACMA awards the other night. And I've always liked Reba...but I don't reckon she'd be havin' such a heavy drawl if you woke her up out of a deep sleep...y'all. I ain't sayin' she's a fakin' it or nuthin'. Just sayin'.

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