Monday, January 16, 2006

Branching Out

Well what do you think of this? My friend, and cohort in advertising, Nick Mirkay did a caricature of me that I am going to be using in some advertising. I have decided to advertise my blog in various places to hopefully attract a few readers to the site.

When I write about some topic in the news, the "News Guy" to the left will appear in the ad with appropriate copy and the address of the blog. Nick also did one with a sports theme, and a generic presentation.

Hopefully I'll get a few people to mark the site as a favorite and drum up some repeat visitors. The entertainment I've gotten out of writing for the blog has surprised me. Now, with the help of a few advertisers, I'm going to try to make a buck or two. If you know of, or are, someone with a business who might be interested in advertising on this site, please contact me and I'll give you more details of what my plans are for marketing the whole thing. You can drop me an e-mail through the link on my voiceover site. A link to that site is in the right-hand sidebar.

Obviously Nick is an incredibly talented artist and is available to do graphic and free-hand artwork such as what you see above. If you would like to discuss advertising that includes some of Nick's excellent work, I can make that happen. Just call or drop me an e-mail. Again, the toll-free number and e-mail address is on my voiceover website.


Mike Anderson said...

I an struck, Tom, at how much you look like my Grandfather.

Anonymous said...

tom...a cigarette?!!!!