Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Random Wednesday Thoughts

Y'know...I don't smoke. (Haven't since I made a New Year's Eve promise to myself in 1975 going into 1976) And I certainly don't want to appear as though I do, or encourage anyone else to. So, as glamorous and "in character" as I may appear in the caricature below, I have asked my friend Nick to re-do the drawing minus the cigarette. Nick and I are old enough to remember when just about everybody in the news business (Edward R. Murrow glamorizing it on TV) was a smoker. So it would make sense to show a guy typing up a news story in a caricature with a tobacco product in his mouth.

That reminds me, I was kinda read the other day that most of the tobacco settlement money in Illinois is not going to the stop-smoking education and other anti-smoking programs that it was supposed to. As usual, the politicians promise to do one thing with government money, and then wind up doing something else. So, while the tobacco companies implement new strategies every day to get cigarettes into the mouths of our young people, our states are doing much less than promised to fight that. Don't smoke young people...take it from someone who did...there's no good reason to...and many good reasons not to. Just one of which is not dying from lung cancer.

Another disappointing loss by the Blues last night. Not disappointing because it was unexpected, but because they came fighting back to tie the game after trailing 3-0. Then it seemed the Devils turned the faucet back on and as a team said..."OK...this is silly. Let's win this thing." They then outplayed the Blues terribly and scored the winning goal. But, that's what we've got to expect from the Blues with the current roster. Folks, they just don't have enough quality players. As I said before, they are just biding time with these guys until the team is sold. The team we have now is made up of (by most accounts I've heard) "a bunch of good guys". But, they need people who can play...not good guys. They have a few...but not nearly as many as all of the other teams in the NHL. Just look at the standings. We thought last season was bad without hockey. This one is turning into something worse--pitiful and disgraceful hockey that we've never seen before in St. Louis.

Looks like the new Rams coach is going to be one of three assistants in the league. Only one, Cam Cameron, has been a head coach before. He was head coach at Indiana U. a few years back. I don't know enough about Scott Linehan or Ron Rivera to have a reason to dislike them. At this point you just have to hope that the Shaw/Zygmunt hiring team will do a thorough enough job of thinking this thing through to pick the right guy. The enjoyment level of our football Sundays for the next few years depends on it.

The sales effort has begun for the Grizzlies upcoming season. If your company or family would like to bring a group to the outstanding venue in Sauget for the coming season, I can help with that. Or I can put you in touch with the right people. It's always great fun at Grizzlies games...and it's not too soon to book your outing for the late May-early September season. First come, first served.

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