Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Idol Time

Results Update- It looks like the competition has gotten to the point where America considers the results too important to allow a mistake. Kellie, as cute as she is, just wasn't as good a performer as she needed to be....and America told her so. The voters were not going to let the outstanding Chris Daughtry fall into the bottom two again. They were not going to let the judges' poor (and admittedly wrong-headed) assessment of Katharine McPhee stop them from voting her into the top two. The voters, rightfully, rewarded Paris with more votes than Kellie. And Elliott and Taylor are enigmatic enough to be somewhere in the middle. 47 million people voted. And, they likely out-voted those with regional and personal biases. The system definitely worked this week. Somebody in the final five...maybe more than one...is headed for a career like these people------------>

And, if you didn't get goose-bumps during the Andrea Boccelli performance, you may want to have your blood pressure checked...because it must be zero.
-What an interesting, entertaining, joyful, and sometimes painful performance show on American Idol this week. It's time to size it up and predict who will be cast off the island.

"Classic Love Songs" was the theme this week with help provided by Italian songmaster Andrea Boccelli and producer David Foster....both holders of numerous grammy awards. Sometimes when Boccelli opens his mouth...the sound that comes out assures you there is a God. A truly colossal and awesome talent. Foster had some "tough love", but good advice, for the contestants during rehearsals.

As to the performances, I'm not sure about the song choices made by a few of the contestants... particularly Katharine and Paris. They both took on songs made popular by bona fide superstars. And when you try to do Whitney Houston and/or Barbra Streisand you had better nail it good. I thought they both did OK, but were slightly off the mark. I thought Katharine's performance was much better than the reviews she received from the judges. It almost seemed as though they were trying to "take her down a notch", and knew that going in. Just the way I saw it. Paris looked unfamiliar and a little uncomfortable with The Way We Were.

Elliott, who I have not been terribly impressed with from early on, was just outstanding with A Song For You. He is certainly convincing me that he has much more talent than I realized. He's a threat to all of the remaining contenders.

Taylor seemed to struggle a bit. I think he's a passionate and charismatic fellow...but not blessed with a great voice. He can't get to the final two...IMHO.

Chris was given rave reviews by the judges for his Have You Ever Loved a Woman...and with good reason. He was truly and completely professional. I'm trying right now to vote for the guy but can't get through.

Now, I'm going to take up a cause that might get me lynched in parts of the South. It is time for Kellie Pickler to go. This girl is, and likely always will be, cute as the day is long. She can charm the rust off your car bumper. But, this girl is not anywhere close to a professional singer. She botched up Unchained Melody something fierce. It's her second botch job in as many weeks. If she wasn't every Southern boy's dream, she would have been gone long ago. And, by now we all know about her unfortunate family situation. Daddy's in prison etc.... But, come on people, it's time.

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