Thursday, April 13, 2006

One Liners

-Here, please find several of my most recent observations, opinions and predictions.

-Veteran reporter (and friend) Steve Jankowski is the best street reporter on St. Louis TV.
-His colleague Revecca Wu does a nice job, but seems distant by never interacting, by name, with any of her studio anchors.
-Jason Isringhausen may eventually lose the closer role on the Cardinals to young Adam Wainwright who was untouchable in today's game.
-Fox 2's new news set is just like the Fox News Channel's and designed to be that way.
-Channel 4's Vicki Newton has become the best news anchor in St. Louis.
-When I first met Joe Buck (circa 1987) he was a college kid hanging around at KMOX, and is now America's premiere play-by-play man.
-The Blues goalies next season will be Curtis Sanford and Jason Bacashihua, not necessarily in that order.
-The sooner we get geared up with infrastructure to handle the coming Ethanol revolution the sooner we will all be able to afford it and thumb our noses at OPEC.
-Kellie Pickler is a really, really good actress and not nearly as stupid as she would have us believe.
-St. Louis doesn't need a new downtown bridge, just a re-direction of the interstate system to take the I-55 traffic across the J.B. Bridge to the south via I-255 and I-70 traffic to the north across the Chain of Rocks bridge via I-255 & 270.
-The Cardinals should think long and hard what they've done to, and with, KTRS, and what they need to do as a result.
-Who will create the first really big gathering spot in the vicinity of the new ballpark to rival the Cubby Bear in Chicago? Hrabosky's? Paddy O's? or someone else?
-If someone wants to know how to keep one of those 8 or 12 dollar beers cold until you're finished drinking it during the hot weather this season, ask me about my son's idea.
-For the umpteenth time in the last few months I've heard Belleville referred to as the St. Louis area's next O'Fallon/St. Peters because of the coming growth explosion.
-Simon doesn't like Ace because he sees him more as a "pretty boy" than a singer, and he's probably right.
-I will sell my Al MacInnnis special edition hockey puck from his jersey retirement night to the highest bidder...bidding starts at $2000... (just kidding, this one's not going anywhere)
-George W. Bush will likely do something soon to "make his mark on history" that doesn't involve war...because they all try in their second terms.

More when I have more.

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