Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Who's Turn to Leave?

RESULTS-- I guess you can disregard the predictions made below...and maybe for the rest of the competition...because I wasn't even close this week. You'll note that I said--In the safe zone this week....Mandisa, Elliott, and Paris. Of course that was your BOTTOM three...with Mandisa being shown the door. My apologies to Ace.

Analysis--All three of them were so-so this week in a genre that doesn't suit them. The "big city" phenomenon that I cite below seemed to be of no consequence to Ace, or Katharine. Taylor, Katharine and Chris were the first to be safe this week. They seem to be the cream of the crop for the voters. I picked either Chris or Katharine to win it all back when we had a top twelve. Mandisa, in my humble opinion, fell victim to a song that wasn't suited to her, a genre that wasn't suited to her, performing in the middle of the pack, and (I know this isn't PC, but) her size. Let's face it, she decided to strut around the stage in jeans this week, and as great a singer as she is, that wasn't a "professional site".

The music of Queen next week...that should be interesting. I can't wait to see what Chris pulls out of his hat.
-Country music was the theme for this week's American Idol performance show. That meant that a couple of performers were in their natural element and would breeze on to the next week without fear of elimination. Right? Maybe.

I'm not convinced that Bucky and Kellie were that great. They were definitely in their element. And the judges...(who seemed to have something on their minds other than judging)...acknowledged that. But Kellie, as cute as she is, is not a teriffic singer. And Bucky, as well... country as he is, is also not what you would call a great singer. He manages to hit most of the notes, but there's just no wow factor. Kellie's wow factor is her physical beauty and Dolly Parton personality...not her ability with a song.

So, who will go away on Wednesday's results show?

It's getting really tough to predict, but I have to point to a phenomenon that seems to be setting in that can't be denied. As I have said before, the big city contestants seem to be at a handicap because they don't have millions of fans who easily identify with them ringing the Idol phones off the hook to vote. Big city people are too jaded, indifferent, and unenthusiastic to be bothered by something like a couple of hours of phone dialing to vote for a contestant on a TV show.

Therefore, even though I think he's probably the second best singer left among the guys, I'm predicting that the Denver area will not rally behind Ace...and his less-than-stellar performance of a country song that was out of his comfort zone will send him packing.

I'm also expecting last week's close call, and this week's sexy and perky performance by Katharine to re-elevate her to the star status that most think she's worthy of.

In the safe zone this week...Mandisa, Elliott, Paris.

Bottom three for this week... Taylor (because he went first and was so-so with "Take Me Home Country Roads")...Bucky (because he was just OK) and Ace.

Best performance this week. Even though he sang a ballad, and that's not his thing, Chris Daughtry can just flat out sing, and continues to hit home runs.

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