Monday, May 15, 2006


-No particular subject. Just a thought or two about a thing or two.

-6,000 National Guard troops to aid the border patrol guarding the Mexico border? Hmmm...who's going to guard the Canadian border?

-With the new NHL, anyone can win The Cup. Just like the NFL, where anyone can win the Super Bowl in any given year. The salary cap has done its job.

-Last Wednesday I was thrilled to be invited to see the exhibit Bob Heil(right) is sending to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at his office in Fairview Heights. Bob is truly one of the behind-the-scenes superstars in rock history. Some of his technological contributions to the business of presenting live rock concerts are worthy of a spot in the hall...if there was a category for that. Bob is a fine gentleman and has brought much notoriety to this area with his microphone and audio expertise. Congratulations Bob!

-The Steelers' Joey Porter must think his hind end is the center of the universe. He says...quote..."Yeah, I have a bone to pick with Bush,, I'm going to have a swagger when I walk in there too." The Steelers visit the White House on June 2nd. Apparently, Joey's not too happy about his tax bill. Uh, Joey...that's President Bush to you, and everyone else lucky enough to live in this country. Especially, spoiled athletes.

-These idiots on Deal or No Deal who keep on believing the odds won't work against them. Sheesh. They probably have the state lottery in their plans for retirement too.

-I'm not nearly as wound up about American Idol this week. If you've been visiting here regularly, you know why.

-So, the judge reduces the bond on Sam Shelton (The teacher charged with attempted murder of 17-year-old former student Ashley Reeves) from a million to 800-thousand dollars. The guy's mother puts up 80-thousand cash and whisks him out of jail to sit at home with an ankle bracelet until the trial. I guess somebody told the judge that mom could raise 80-thousand, but not 100-thousand. Otherwise, it seems silly to knock down the bond by just 200-thousand....right? I'm confused about how those things work.

-Poor Barry Bonds...sitting on 713 for so long...don't you just feel awful for him? tee-hee.

-I had some business at the Savvis Center the other day...and as I was leaving the building I passed former Blues coach Bob Berry(right), and said hello. He's been scouting for the Blues. I'm wondering if he's accepted some position with the Dave Checketts ownership group. Or, is he just working for the current owners until his deal runs out? It's got to be a tough transition for some of those guys...not knowing for sure if you'll be working for the new guys.

-We think we've had a lot of cool, rainy weather. How about our poor friends in New England?

-Alligators are killing people in Florida. I'm guessing someone has already blamed global warming.

I always feel bad when I hit an animal with the car. Today it was a quail that ran out in front of me.

-So, in Thailand, they will censor the last 10 minutes of the movie The Da Vinci Code after numerous Christian protests. A. It's just a movie! B. Would you go to a movie if you knew you weren't going to see the end? I guess that's the government's point.

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