Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Idol Upset?

Results Update- Shock and disappointment!! The air went out of the competition for me tonight...Chris Daughtry was sent home. I knew he would be in jeopardy...but I honestly didn't think he would be voted off. Wow!

Katharine...rightly so...was predicted to go off by Simon. Underdog Elliott...and high energy Taylor were the top two...and I think were the beneficiaries of the votes by people who thought they needed votes. Chris's supporters were probably too complacent...thinking he was guaranteed a spot in the final. But, we've seen it before, top talent has a so-so week and goes bye-bye. On the positive side for Chris... he won't be known as the guy who won American Idol. For someone who leans toward rock music...that's not the worst thing in the world. I think a lot of people would be happy with his future.
I'm going to make this short and sweet this week. The would-be Idols went to Graceland..picked out two Elvis songs apiece...got coaching from Tommy Mottola the famed record producer..and came back to Hollywood to sing.

Quality of performance in order:

1. Elliott (I wouldn't buy his CD...but the little guy stepped up...and sang his butt off)
2. Taylor (There's much more to him than jumping around...his In the Ghetto was amazing)
3. Chris (Not a bad week...easily the best male voice...but not great performances)
4. Katharine (She was just...as Randy would say...aaaaiiight)

If the rest of the country saw it the same way I did, and they vote that way, Elliott probably saved himself from elimination. I expected he would be the next to leave going into tonight's show. Now, I don't think so.

What's going to be interesting is to see if Katharine...being the only woman left...gets the female vote and the "she's hot" vote to be saved from elimination. If she does, it puts my early favorite Chris in jeopardy. As great as I think Chris's potential is, he hasn't picked the right songs to separate himself from the others the last two weeks in a row. And, Chris is going way out of his way to appeal to his rocker fan base. Frankly, I don't think Taylor has a chance of being eliminated...he's been rock solid and easily has the most charisma of the final four.

So, even though I think this could go just about any way...Despite her amazing voice...and her no-doubt, can't miss future stardom...Katharine was definitely the weakest performer this week and will be sent home.

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