Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tough Call

Results Update-While I did predict Paris would be the one leaving the show this week, when the bottom two were standing there (Paris and Elliott) I wouldn't have been surprised at either name being announced. Now things start to get really interesting...but I think it should be fairly predictable. The top four...I think most people believe this...is really the top two and the bottom two. It's going to take a miracle for either Taylor or Elliott to be in the finale. It will take a huge "botch job" by Chris or Katharine to keep them from the final show on the 24th.
-OK...yo,yo, so hey, check it out. Who was the best performer on AI this week? I don't think anybody hit a grand slam with both of their performances. (Everybody sang twice this week, one song from the year of their birth..and a second from the current Billboard charts) So, in the case of nobody really stinking up the joint, I'm thinking it will come down to the usual two questions..."Who's the most popular among their own fans?" and..."Who's fans are most likely to pick up the phone to vote?"

Elliott Yamin led off and was OK with the George Benson version of On Broadway then came back and did a nice job with Home by Michael Bublet.

Paris Bennett did Prince and Mary J. Blige in her two songs. Both were energetic and well done...but not great. The good thing for her is that those choices should rally her troops considering that she's the only minority performer left in the group.

Chris Daughtry, IMHO, went a little too far with his appeal to the rockers of America tonight. His first performance was amazing. But, then he came back with a screamer that his voice wasn't quite up for. Too bad... because he's shown that he can sing about anything. As you can tell, I've never been a big hard rock guy...and really don't know the names or performers of either of his songs.

Katharine McPhee went for Phil Collins' Against All Odds with her first song. And came back with a cute song on the current Adult charts. Name...?? Sorry. But she was off key and struggled with her first song...the second was teriffic.

Taylor Hicks came out with Play That Funky Music while jumping, writhing, and sliding all over the place. I kind of agreed with Simon's put down. He looked like a bad wedding performer on that one. But, he came back with a nice version of Something by the Beatles and redeemed himself.

Looking back at last week, Taylor and Elliott were the bottom two in the voting. I think the fact that Taylor went last helps him...and Elliott went first hurts him. I am going to stick with my belief that America recognizes Katharine and Chris as the cream of this year's crop and will go to the phones again to make that statement. So, I'm saying that Elliott and Paris will form the bottom two this week... and, (drum roll please) Paris Bennett will be asked to leave.

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