Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mid-Week Observations

-When David Eckstein isn't getting on base and Albert Pujols isn't hitting, Cardinal fans are in a heap of trouble. Both have been human lately. Mark Mulder better come back as Sandy Koufax.

-Good pick up by the Blues. Martin Rucinsky is a professional goal-scorer and will be a solid addition to next year's team. It's his second go-round with The Note.

-The Grizzlies continue to struggle. They have a roster that is a little too short on guys who can make a difference at the Frontier League level. But there's no place more fun than GCS Ballpark.

-Speaking of the Frontier League, I see where the River City Rascals have a new owner lined up. Steve Malliet, and his fellow investors, (from what I have read) appear to understand that baseball at this level is about two things...putting a decent product on the field...and, more importantly, keeping it fun for the fans. He comes to the league after serving as GM for the highly successful Joliet Jackhammers.

-Come January we will be wishing for days this warm. Living in the Midwest is always interesting, isn't it?

-I'm thinking Exxon is taking all those multi-billion dollar profits because they know that in a couple of years most of us will be driving hybrid cars and using about one-third the gas we now do. The oil companies are actually doing us a favor by forcing the development of the more fuel-efficient cars. We just have to live through the interim.

-Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie says signing Terrell Owens was a mistake for his team. Really? What clued him in on that? You can't take back stupid.

-The Rams finally get Tye Hill signed and what's one of the first quotes out of his mouth? "I'll be in the Pro Bowl in two years." Or something close to that. Whatever happened to guys producing before they brag? Being humble is so rare anymore. That's why David Eckstein, and a few others, are so precious.

-God forbid that another hurricane comes anywhere close to New Orleans in the next few months. Tropical storm Chris has that potential as I write. We're coming up on the first anniversary of Katrina.

So, no sooner do the Milwaukee Brewers introduce a new and exciting member of their famous Sausage Race crew, than the MLB lawyers ban him to the sidelines. Chorizo gave a Latin flair to the race...but now all of the attorneys apparently have to sign off on him as he goes through some kind of cockamamie approval process. By the way, I love chorizo in an omelette. Mmmm...mmmm.

So, now I read that after Lance Bass announces that he's gay, reports indicate that his proclamation may have been coerced by partner Reichen Lemkuhl as a way of getting more publicity for Reichen's impending book. Ruh-Roh...Kind of tough to get back into the closet Lance?

I'm guessing the next Mel Gibson movie won't come out for a while. Just a guess.

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