Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quick Hits

-It's just me... I know, but these kinds of things bother me because of the work I've been doing for 30-plus years...and my need to pay attention to names in my job with the Blues. I have decided to boycott Channel 5 sports until one of their sportscasters learns how to say Juan Encarnacion's name correctly. Both Rene Knott and Frank Cusumano (nice guys...but..) have pronounced it En-cuh-NAR-see-own all season. Hey it phonetically. Or listen to your competition Steve Savard...or P.A. man John Ulett at the stadium... say it properly. It's En-CAR-NAH-see-own. A little bit of practice, and I'm sure you could get it.'s not that hard...really. Somebody let me know if one of them gets it right...and maybe I'll watch 5 again. I think even third-stringer Katie Felts gets it wrong. Just bugs me...sorry.

-After ten years...and many jokes on late night arrest in the JonBenet Ramsey murder. Big News! I wonder if Leno and Letterman plan to apologize to her father (mom died in June) for all of the jokes about the parents assumed guilt..and the inability of Boulder, CO law enforcement to pin the crime on them...back in the 90's. Don't hold your breath.

-So now Jim Edmonds is unable to play because of either post-concussion syndrome or some, as yet unspecified, illness. Not a good situation for the team or Jimmy. Let's hope it's nothing too serious.

-After a flurry of trades at the Frontier League deadline, the Grizzlies seem to be no better off. Their death spiral continued last night with another double-header loss in Chillicothe, Ohio. They were outscored 18-1 in the twin-bill and now have lost ten straight games. Yikes! At least it's good to see local pitchers Rob Blumberg and Marcus Barriger have been signed to help out.

-I read, with interest, the recount of STLToday's Jeff Gordon of another reporter's run-in with former Cardinal skipper Whitey Herzog. Todd Hefferman, who writes for The Southern Illinoisan, apparently asked the "White Rat" a question that rubbed him the wrong way during an appearance in DuQuoin last week. Here's a link to Gordon's story--

Several of my encounters with Mr. Herzog back in the 80's and 90's were of a similar nature. Those close to me have heard the stories, which I won't publish in this forum. But, it's interesting how Whitey has managed to remain such a revered figure in St. Louis sports despite his willingness to treat some people like doormats. One has to wonder if this sort of behavior, as much as anything else, is what's keeping the New Athens native out of The Hall.

-I wrote earlier this week about how proud we are of niece Lauren Heffernan and her new "dream job" with one of the Clydesdale hitches. A Clydesdale fan named Vern ran into Lauren at the motorcycle rally that just wrapped up in Sturgis, SD and sent along some pix. I spoke with Lauren after that last blog entry and she's having a ball...working her tail off...but loving it. That's Lauren with one of her new friends at the right. Thanks Vern!

-So all these years we've had it wrong about how many planets there are in the solar system? Don't be so sure. I'm reading that a number of astronomers don't buy the new definition of a planet...and the 12-planet idea being put forth might just wither on the vine.

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