Wednesday, August 23, 2006


-As much as we'd all like to fire Izzy, there isn't really a guy to put in that role who one might expect to perform better. I think we all have to hope the man from Brighton somehow returns to his old form.

-John McCain will run for President in '08. He pretty much announced it with his comments on the war in Iraq yesterday. He faulted the current administration for leading Americans to believe the war would be--his words--"some kind of day at the beach". He's positioning himself as a Republican who's got problems with the current group in power. Probably a pretty electable stance...depending on his domestic agenda.

-At least one hockey beat writer is already impressed by the new people running the show at 14th and Clark. Norm Sanders...who writes for the Belleville News-Democrat...says he's enjoying the way new team president John Davidson handles his press duties. Norm says "JD" is open, and willing to talk about what he's thinking when he makes a player move. The old way of dealing with the press was not nearly so inclusive....according to Norm, who was on hand covering the Grizzlies game last night.

-Apparently he's just wired differently. Albert Pujols aced some cognitive and coordination tests given him by the folks at Washington University. Pretty much the same tests Babe Ruth zoomed through when he was 26 and tested by the gang at Princeton. Here's a link to the story....

-Keep your eye on a St. Louis-based start-up company called Vivid Sky. CEO Tim Hayden and a crew of workers were on hand at GCS Ballpark a few days back to test their new technology. They have created a system that will allow fans to watch replays of game action on their own cell-phone, PDA, or a rental device they would provide. A fan would be able to call up the action he desires (think TiVo on a hand-held device) and watch it from different camera angles in the ballpark or arena. A fan will also be able to order food items and service from his seat in the stadium. The idea is to enhance the live experience at a small cost. I had lunch with Tim the other day. Great guy... who should do well with his idea.

-The Southern U.S. is understandably concerned about a storm named Debby...spelled with a Y. Hmmm...the only Debbys I can think of who spelled it that way are Debby Boone (right) and Debby Lennon (Lennon Sisters). Neither of them would strike much fear in the heart, or cause much damage. But I don't live with them either.

-You had to know that some smart-ass would do it. A Phoenix theater...showing Snakes on a Plane...reportedly had to remove a diamondback rattlesnake from the theater...and another from the parking lot... yesterday. I'm sure someone expected to have a good laugh at the expense of snake-fearing patrons. Not funny!

-The reason is somewhat unclear...but Brian Williams is scheduled to anchor the NBC Evening News from the rooftop of Channel 5's downtown St. Louis building tonight. I suppose it's part of the promotional push the peacock network is putting on to lessen the impact of Katie Couric taking over at CBS in a few weeks. Williams has done nicely since jumping into Tom Brokaw's big shoes. The network still leads the others by a goodly margin in the ratings.

-Did Paramount Pictures fire Tom Cruise...or did he quit? Depends on who you want to believe. But, after some of the outlandish behavior of Cruise in the past couple of years, it's kinda hard to put much stock in anything he says.

-After losing in the primary...Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has gotten himself on the November ballot with a petition campaign that created a new political party in the state. And some polls now show him leading the other two candidates. Crazy business this politics.

-Now someone wants to change the dress code at the Belleville high schools to allow boys to wear shorts when it's hot. I thought the dress code was too lenient when they put it in. I don't remember being allowed to wear shorts to school...and we didn't have air conditioning.

-It was fun to see Bob Gibson at GCS Ballpark Monday. He was there with his son Chris as the younger Gibson worked out for the Grizzlies and the visiting Evansville Otters. Apparently Chris hasn't gotten much interest from the professional ranks, and Gibby is trying to spur the process along. No word yet on whether the Grizzlies, or Otters, will give the right-handed throwing, left-handed-hitting outfielder a chance to play.

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