Friday, September 01, 2006

Pre-Labor Day Weekend

-Wife Barb had to undergo surgery Monday, so my thoughts have obviously been elsewhere most of the week. I'm happy to report the surgery went well, and she's already mending quickly at home. Thanks to Dr. Al Elbendary (right) and his staff, as well as the good folks at Missouri Baptist Medical Center for taking great care of my honey.

-Too bad the Grizzlies didn't catch fire sooner. They've now won 7 straight, but have no chance of making the Frontier League playoffs. Somewhat frustrating for the team and it's fans.

-I'm glad the Cardinals didn't rent famous beer-belly pitcher David Wells for a few games this season. The birds need all of their young prospects...and that's what Boston wanted. How about Chris Duncan? He keeps pounding the ball like a budding super-star. The only thing I don't like is that chunk of tobacco product he is always juggling around in his mouth when he plays. I can't help but think the guy is about to blossom into the greatest Cardinal left-handed hitter since Stan-the-Man...and then will have to deal with tongue cancer at an early age. I hope not...but I'll bet I'm not the only one thinking it. Get rid of that damn stuff Chris!

-While jumping around the radio dial today I caught part of my buddy Paul Arca's show on KLOU. Good to hear that Paul is doing OK after the terrible incident in which he was nearly electrocuted while at a radio remote for Oldies 103 earlier this year. You'll remember the mast on his remote van came in contact with a power line while being driven in a thunderstorm. He took an electric charge through his body...but came out OK. The Viet Nam vet, and candidate for nicest guy ever, is one of my all-time favorite people.

-Also, best wishes to's Mike Anderson who's dealing with some health issues. Mike, known as The Reverend by fans of Frank O. Pinion and another 'Nam vet, provides a valuable service to the community with that site...and to many of us who rely on him for his intenet expertise. Hang in there Rev!

-When Andre Agassi retires, will there be anybody left in men's tennis besides Andy Roddick that we even recognize? Americans I mean.

-What's going on? Ernesto is pounding America's east coast....while John is battering Mexico's west coast. I think we got our names mixed up this year.

-Somebody asked me the other day what my all-time favorite movie was. And I really struggled coming up with an answer. I think I have it narrowed down to three at this point. So, in no particular order-

  • Field of Dreams (for a sports nut it doesn't get any better than this)
  • Shawshank Redemption (A great story, with great actors, an epic)
  • Wizard of Oz (I watched it a hundred times as a kid...and am still mesmerized every time)
I'm still thinking about which is my #1. What's yours?

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Kevin Nowak said...

I know I'm not looking at this from a quality standpoint but....

My favorite movie of all time is "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". It seemd to be the movie that jump started a SCI FI movie revolution. It mesmerized me and still does.

My next closest is "Animal House" as it seemed to start a revolution too. How many times have you heard someone quote that movie?

I bet everyone has a different view on what they view as the best.

By the way....from a pure standpoint we cannot forget "Gone With the Wind, War of the Worlds, The God Father, Saturday Night Fever and Urban Cowboy...oops the last one just spilled out....LOL