Saturday, September 23, 2006


-An incredibly busy week has limited my ability to write for the ol’ blog…I’ll try to catch up on a few things.

-One of the reason’s I’ve been so busy…is my new business relationship handling the advertising affairs of the outstanding company run by Pat Queensen. Keystone Staffing Resources…and Keystone Event Staffing... will be raising their antenna to the St. Louis market with a Calhoun Advertising campaign over the next several months. We’re planning to make Keystone as much of a household word as possible. Keystone handles the staffing of Gateway Grizzlies games. And thanks to Grizzlies GM Tony Funderburg, we’ve forged a new relationship with Pat and his outstanding company. Keystone does much more than staff the Grizzlies games…which you will find out from our efforts over the next little while.

-When did St. Louis become the “crimes against kids” capital of the world? The Abby Woods kidnapping thankfully had a happy ending. Then came the Metro-East woman who allegedly cut the fetus from her best friend's womb. And three siblings last seen in the “person of interest’s” company are now missing. Then the SARAA alert for the kid in St. Louis and his mother who were apparently forced by the father to board a bus to Mexico. Holy Moly!!…what the hell is going on?

-Well…apparently Braden Looper will be an adventure to watch as the Cardinals closer too. We complained loud and long about Izzy. But did the Birds have a reasonable alternative to put in there? Nope. And somebody will need to explain to this guy why in the heck Mr. LaRussa didn’t walk Craig Biggio with one out in the 9th and a runner at second. Your best chance of getting out of that inning before Lance Berkman came to bat was a double-play. But you weren’t going to get one unless you walked Biggio. Some of the strategies employed by Tony need some serious explanation from time-to-time. His success over the years can’t be argued. But in big games and key situations he seems to go way out of his way to fly in the face of traditional thinking.

-What personal matter could possibly be so important that a pro football player can’t pick up the cell-phone to call his coach and explain why he’s not showing up at practice. Rams DE Anthony Hargrove is apparently typical of today’s lack-of-character athlete who seems to believe that whatever else is going on in the world…or whoever else might be counting on him…it's secondary to his own little set of priorities. To his agent’s credit, he is not apologizing for Hargrove’s behavior and is saying to the media that whatever punishment the Rams hand out, it will be deserved and accepted. Of course, I’m judging Hargrove before I hear what the “personal problems” are that he is supposedly missing practice and meetings to deal with. But, a little call to the coach Anthony…a bit of consideration for your teammates and coaches… please. People not taking responsibility for their actions….or inactions…is one of my biggest pet peeves.

-Incidentally…If the Rams beat the former Chicago, and St. Louis, Cardinals in Phoenix I’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

-The Blues open up the pre-season schedule at the Scottrade Center Sunday. The first home game…albeit a scrimmage with Atlanta…under the Dave Checketts banner. Those of us who work game nights will likely be asked to do a few things differently than in the past as well. I hear there will be no video board for the game. The installation of the new equipment hasn’t been completed as expected. I’ll let you know Monday how things went with the presentation.

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