Sunday, September 10, 2006

TC Tidbits

-First, the Rams season opener. Great to see that kind of defense being played by the men with the horned helmets. Not so great to see that kind of offense...but, as they say, a win is a win. And we should remember that Denver is no slouchy bunch. Any kind of win over the Broncos has to go in the "not totally expected" column. At SF next Sunday. Should be 2-0. But, the Rams have always had a tough time by the bay.

-The Cardinals are beginning to look like a last-place team that happens to be in first place. Hitting on this road trip was pathetic...Scott Spiezio excepted. Starting pitching hit the skids again. Bullpen is a mess. Now it's closer by committee TFN. Defense was not great either. I hope it's the late season "we've got a playoff position sewn up and are having a hard time concentrating" thing. They need to get healthy...and mentally ready... in the next few weeks.

-Caught a movie Saturday night. Hollywoodland. The story of the questionable suicide of Superman TV star George Reeves in 1959. I recommend it highly. It's not a movie that you walk out of the theater smiling much about. A dark story that leaves you scratching your head a bit. But, it's very well done from all sides. Acting...Adrien Brody stars as PI Louis Simo that was hired by Reeves' mother to investigate his death. Oscar worthy?...probably a nomination. Ben Affleck plays Reeves and does a very nice job...Oscar worthy? Probably not...but much better than we've become accustomed to from him. Diane Lane...plays Reeves' lover Toni Mannix..and wife of studio boss Eddie Mannix (played by Bob Hoskins). Lane is excellent and could also get a nomination as best supporting actress out of it. Directed by Allen Coulter. Even though there are a lot of's very easy to follow the time line. Many scenes reminded me of the innocence of my youth in the late 50's and early 60's. Sreenplay by Paul Bernbaum. All in all...a very well told story that blends reality with fiction and leaves you wondering which is which. Well worth the ticket price. Runs 126 minutes.

-A lot of water has gone under the bridge since 9/11/2001. I was news director at KTRS that day. I was just about to leave for the station when the Today show was interrupted with the initial bulletin about a plane (at that moment thought to be a small plane) crashing into one of the twin towers. Just a few moments I stared unbelievingly at the TV...the second plane hit the second tower and it became abundantly clear that this was no accident. By the time my half-hour drive to the station (on the cellphone all the way) was over, we were fully launched into full-time coverage of the tragedy. I anchored and organized the station's on-going coverage of the events from the local angle. It was one of the most stressful...and at the same time rewarding...days of my professional career. At the end of the day I was very proud of what we had done as a news staff...but, as was everyone else in this country, shocked and saddened that our world had changed so radically for the worse. Our world always has been, and I suppose will be, filled with people who wish to annhilate those who are different from themselves. I've always thought Earth was big enough for everyone. I suppose I'm naive.

-"Ordinary bloke", as his father referred to him, Steve Irwin was buried at the family's zoo in Australia. Dad refused a state funeral, even though Steve may have brought more attention and good will to his native land than anyone ever has. Prime Minister John Howard interrupted parliament to pay tribute to him, saying he was distressed by the loss of a remarkable Australian.

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