Monday, February 18, 2008

Tid-bits 'bout that actor son of ours. Looks like he's turning the right heads in Hollyweird. As Deb Peterson mentioned in her weekend column in the Post-Dispatch, Stewart W. Calhoun has been nominated for Best Male Lead Performance by LA Weekly for his role in dark play or stories for boys which ran in October/November. It played at the Theatre at Boston Court in Pasadena. The LA Weekly Awards feature an "Oscar-type" ceremony for Los Angeles-area theatre and will take place April 7th at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. Stew (pictured with glasses and Thrill Me co-star Alex Schemmer) has also been getting raves for his performance in Thrill Me-The Leopold and Loeb Story which is now playing. Details on all of this at Stew's website.

-Just when it looked like the Blues were about to fall out of the playoff picture, they turn on the jets and get back in the hunt. The 9-game road trip in March still looms large in the scheme of things. And if Manny Legace is going to play every game, he needs to stay healthy. It's getting even more interesting to see what kind of strategy John Davidson and Larry Pleau will employ at the trade deadline next week. Buyers? Sellers? Traders? One thing's for sure, the next 8 days will be crucial to continuing to build a Cup-contending team in a few years.

-What's the answer to these whackos taking guns and mowing down students on college campuses...and several others threatening to?? Anybody? Gun control and gun rights advocates take their predictable positions while innocent young people get cashed in by loonies. Surely, some form of limitation of handguns...other than a waiting period which didn't work in the NIU in order. I'm not a gun control advocate per se. But I am in favor of more control if we all can be safer because of it. Somebody, somewhere (Presidential candidates?) do, or say something that makes sense. Didn't the right to bear arms have more to do with protecting yourself against the government a few centuries ago? How many semi-automatic pistols were around in the 18th century?Are we really afraid that the military is going to come take our land and kill us these days? Just frustrated with all this stuff...that's all.

-The Cardinals season is hanging by a thread...the thread that's actually the strained ligament in Albert Pujols' right elbow.

-I've been around for the better part of six decades, but the weather this Winter is about as weird as I can remember. Hot, cold, rain, sleet, snow, wind, all sorts of varying amounts. This morning I left the house in pleasant sunshine and before I had driven 5 minutes I was in the middle of a virtual blizzard. A minute later I drove out the other side and the sun was out again. I don't know about global warming....but there's a global something going on.

-You can tell there's not much news happening when Channel 2's lead story on the 9 o'clock news on a Sunday night is how Catholics feel about St. Patrick's Day falling during Holy Week. I guess it beats the roundup of shootings we normally get.

-I see that Bill Belichick is pleading innocence in the Spygate thing. He says he never ordered anybody to tape any other team's practices...and doesn't know Matt Walsh (the guy who supposedly did the recording and has the tapes) from Adam. Let's head coach isn't it your responsibility to know who works for you and what they are doing? And isn't Belichick supposedly a renowned genius and micro-manager? Curious that he would come out and admit to not knowing about anything happening on his watch. I'm guessing that the suits and lawyers with the Patriots are providing him with p.r. advice that would distance the organization from Walsh. They must be afraid of what he might do to their legacy. Could they actually be put in a position of forfeiting their Belichick-led Super Bowl titles?

-Our new chihuahua, Maya, is only happy when Barb is around. For some reason, that we're still attempting to understand, she has big issues with me. I'm apparently the source of great physical harm, as far as she's concerned, while Barb is the source of joy and happiness. But we were cautioned going in to adopting her that former puppy-mill dogs usually have such adjustment issues. So, we'll be patient and hope that she warms up to the "ogre in the house". I'm sure she's worth a little patience.

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